The expert predicted a loss of 20-25 million Russians in case of prolongation of the regime of self-isolation

continuing the practice of self-isolation in Russia carries enormous risks for the Russian labor market and, in particular, for employment in the field of small business, says the founder of the service, expert on labour market Alexey Zakharov. His opinion is quoted by “Interfax”.

“If we now stop the regime of self-isolation, half of the unemployed will find work quickly, and the second part will look for a long time. If these measures will be delayed, and we leave (in the mode of self-isolation. – Approx. “Interfax”) for the may holidays, or even until the end of June, some 20-25 million people from us will be without work”, – said Zakharov.

Note that in Russia there are approximately 75 million of economically active citizens (over 15 years old and not retired). Thus, unemployment may reach a third of the working population.

the Expert believes that the practice of mass mode remote also carries certain risks for the labour market. The measures being taken, he said “unprepared and completely not calculated economically”. According to him, data on the significant increase of applications for jobs on jobs on remote graphics are food for thought.

“The the number of such applications has grown three times, but nothing has changed from the point of view of the structure of professions. Just the people who worked in offices, you can try to work remotely. And they try, as they are forcibly sent to work remotely” – said the expert.

According to Zakharov, a small business by the end of April will die at 80%.