Scientists from the University of Hong Kong with the help of an experiment with hamsters have proved high efficiency of medical masks in the fight against COVID-19 to find out that they help to significantly reduce non-contact transmission of the virus, according to the newspaper South China Morning Post, citing the study.

In the experiment, microbiologists was attended by 52 hamster. The scientists for these experiments he built a special design. In a small closed room with one hand in each of the cells they put one patient with coronavirus hamster, and the other three are healthy. Between cells researchers found fans that were pumping the air and "distribute" the virus from a sick rodent healthy. The researchers also between the cells placed special mask wall.

The researchers conducted experiments in three different scenarios: "mask barrier" was put in the cells of infected hamsters, of cells from healthy hamsters, and is not intended. A week after the experiment, 10 of the 15 healthy hamsters, which were in cells without walls, contracted the coronavirus. However, in cases when cells from infected rodents were installed mask, was ill only two hamsters from 12 in the opposite cage.

Thus, after the experiment, a partition was placed only in cells from healthy hamsters became ill four rodent 12.

The study also found that hamsters infected with coronavirus intentionally with the help of direct injection, were observed more severe symptoms than those who caught it from other rodents.

"Our experiment with hamsters shows very clearly: if the infected hamsters or humans, particularly asymptomatic and those who have identified symptoms wear masks, they actually protect (against infection –ed.) other people", – quotes the edition of words who oversaw the experiments microbiologist and infectious disease specialist Ewan Kwok-yuna.

The scientist added that the transmission of coronavirus is reduced by 50% when wearing medical masks – "especially when masked infected people". He also urged Hong Kong people to keep your distance and continue to wear masks.

"you Know what to wear masks in summer will be difficult. My advice to you, especially when you are indoors or in an enclosed space where the air does not circulate freely, in public places or on public transport, be sure to wear a mask", – said the expert.