According to a report in the “Bild” newspaper, Federal Economics Minister Robert Habeck (Greens) expects a recession and persistently high inflation in Germany for the coming year – but only a small increase in unemployment.

Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck (Greens) and his ministry expect inflation to remain high and an economic slump in 2023. Prices would rise even more than this year, but wages should also be higher. But unemployment in Germany will also increase, the ministry predicts in its “autumn projection”. The document is available to the “Bild” newspaper.

According to “Bild”, leading traffic light politicians also assume that the federal government will have to initiate further relief for citizens in the coming year.

If you set up a mini solar system on your balcony, you can save in times of high electricity costs. In principle, the installation is uncomplicated – but it is not quite that simple. The FDP therefore sees a need for action.

In Germany, the expansion of wind energy is not making any headway, and the energy transition is stagnating. The South American country Uruguay shows how things could be better.

Millions of consumers tremble before the next utility bill. This is one of the reasons why some rely on their own power generation on the balcony. But beware of the German laws!

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