Franck Berrier and Sebastian “Seba” Siani, and two representatives from the UNTIL of the best seasons in the first division, taking the lead on fundraising for the green-and-red-with the financial boost to the show. Also, Fernando Canesin, and Didier Ovono said that all of their support.

“Well Séba, if I had a sports highlights of the KV Oostende,” says Franck Berrier. “Just think of the amazing trip to Marseille, in a moment in time that we will always remember and cherish. Financially, we are in that period of time, a nice slice of bread made. That is, we can’t deny that. The club is paying right now, however, comes at a high price for that period of time, and that is why we, as ex-representatives of the club are not left behind and can remain in place. I’ve been recently an assistant coach at the KVO, and I want to be here to help you develop a brand-new start for the club. For this reason, we are, of course, but first we need a license. Therefore, we set up a ‘cagnotte’, whereby the people, in a safe way, any amount can be deposit in order to get the club to lend a helping hand. Cagnotte is is the word the French use for a fundraiser. We are well aware that such a thing is in coronatijden is not easy, but we can still hope to make a substantial amount of money has been collected, the club, a push in the right direction to give you.”

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after Signal

“I had the best time of my career UNTIL,” adds Sébastien Siani in. “I want to be any return to the UNTIL, as a player, otherwise surely as a supporter. I would be very sad if the club would be loss. That will earn the fans not deserving of the many employees and volunteers do not, and that is worth more than 600 jeugdspelertjes not. I am fully aware of its social role, that is UNTIL it plays in the city and the beach. It would be painful if this is to vanish for the sake of machtsspellen, which is now being played out. With this fundraising campaign, we would like to especially give a signal. A signal in which the ex-players, supporters, sponsors, and Oostendenaars, supporters, all with one cord to pull to get this club to help it in difficult days. We are proud to say that the ex-players will be Fernando Canesin and Didier Ovono certainly have their role to play in the pocket will have to do.”

Photos: Holiday DECLERCK < / P> Siani is suspected that this collection is not the complete solution. “However, it is possible to contribute to the solution. Now, I understand that it is a difficult financial time for most people. No need to do this as an obligation, look at it. Who UNTIL for in his heart, and a bit of money on the side, it may possibly nevertheless bear in mind to support it. Because, UNTIL it runs out in the first place, in order to people as well as the social and connective tissues in the room. And, that it may not go away.”

Interested people can have the money through a secure French-speaking website: e . “There, you have to click on the “You participe” and then you can choose your own amount, enter. Worst case scenario: we are badly off, with UNTIL, and we are not – then you, logically, your money will be refunded or we will refund this in full to a worthy cause at the beach. When everything ends, we will have a nice surprise for all the participants to” decide Berrier, and Siani.

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