The doctor of Russian national team on football has told us how not to lose shape

when do you think the pandemic in Russia will decline?

Eduard Bezuglov: I Think at the end of may – early June. On these dates, the situation should stabilize. Now very much depends on our behaviour. If we do this right, it will cope with this plague.

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about the behavior of the recently voted team captain Artem Dzyuba, who accused the Russians of negligence. I agree with him?

Eduard Bezuglov: I would not blame the people of negligence, although it is still evident that not all are taking this matter seriously.

Here everything is clear: the situation is unusual, uncommon. This has never happened before. The measures taken may be painful, but they are necessary.And hard not only ordinary people but also to companies and authorities. All the measures are really needed. Because the smaller the number of contacts between people, the less the risk of infection. The less infected in a specific period of time, the less burden on the health care and each of us greater the chance for high-quality treatment in case of infection. Any epidemiologist and infectious disease knows it. Therefore, the withdrawal in the circumstances, is a key factor. No ginger, no aliens – no one will help us. Everything is now in our hands.

Collectors called you, asked me for advice?

Eduard Bezuglov: Yes, of course. It was clear that everything develops unfavourably. In Italy, Spain and other countries the situation is tense. There was an understanding that soon before we all know it. The only time – all have different approaches to the training process. Someone the team disbanded, whowe were trying to lock the team at the base. Although it’s weird, because employees come and go.

What advice would you give to athletes in terms of self-isolation do not lose the form? And what to do?

Eduard Bezuglov: Now a lot of people are afraid to be infected. In terms of isolation and remote work need get plenty of sleep – at least 9-10 hours a day – it helps the immune system and nervous system. It’s important to periodically give yourself a load 3-4 times a week for 30-40 minutes of aerobic exercise 2-3 times a week in circular strength training with own weight. That is, if we’re talking about ordinary people, not athletes. I would have recommended also to take multivitamin preparations and vitamin D3 separately. In short: sleep, moderate loads, and vitamins. And the players now training, home programme, which they gave in the clubs. They are all painted to the smallest detail.

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Now, some people suspect the coronavirus when any coughing, sneeze. How not to go crazy in such a situation?

Eduard Bezuglov: If a person is not a doctor – it is not easy, of course. Hard when turn on the TV and there from each iron information about the coronavirus. People become afraid. In this situation I would recommend if you experience any of the symptoms immediately, as quickly as possible to isolate themselves. And strictly follow the recommendations of doctors. With the deterioration of the health status report and to trust the services that we are responsible for it. The biggest problems arise from two categories of people: retirees, who have more and concomitant disease and those who care relates to health. But if from the first day of sune right thing to do, not to be a hero – all should be well.

it Seemed to athletes coronavirus will not stick. They’re healthy, young people, regularly checked by a doctor. But, it turns out, the chance to get the same as footballers, and those who do not follow health?

Eduard Bezuglov: Chance of being infected with the same at all. And it is higher in people who are often exposed to social contacts and communication. That is why you need isolation. Another issue is that the young and healthy person more likely the disease will be easy. But elderly often complications. But ill can a man of any age.

Coronavirus is often compared with other viruses. Some say he is not worse than the flu. What do you think?

Eduard Bezuglov: Everything is relative. Now compare the death rate from coronavirus with influenza just not worth it. Because, first, the pandemic coronavirus is still in full swing and its peak, as I understand it, failed. When it’s over, and thank God, everything ends sooner or later, then experts and scientists will count everything: how many people were infected, how many, unfortunately, died. Then it will be possible to draw Parallels. In General, reasoning about what is worse – coronavirus or influenza, is improper. We are talking about human lives. The flu is dangerous for its complications. As coronavirus. If people now are treated professionally, behave properly, do not heroism, then the mortality rate will be less than, conventionally, from the flu. So what’s wrong with that? To rejoice it is necessary. But this is absolutely no reason to build from a specialist and to talk about everything on social networks. To say as some, that the current pandemic – nonsense. I think we all should just stop writing in social networks, because infectious disease specialists and epidemiologists among us – units. Here they can something to say, but it is not up to that. These people are working. And those who spends his time in social networks, it is better to do something else.

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let’s Talk about the resumption of the football season. England won all propose to spend the rest of the championship in isolated camps. What to do in Russia?

Eduard Bezuglov: Now any talk on this subject – guesses. You can say anything, to Express an opinion. But this opinion can not be backed up. Let’s see what happens in the world. The situation is the same in Italy or Spain not getting better. Do I need to finish this season – I think now the Italians and Spaniards, not before. As for me – now more important than people’s health. But to resume the championship – the tenth case. There are many options. Beginning from ahead of schedule to finish the season. In the end, most of the matches have been played.

it Is believed that people are to blame for this pandemic. We do not monitor the health of ignore the simple rules of hygiene. And after a coronavirus that the world will be better, we will start to pay more attention to health. Agree?

Eduard Bezuglov: This category there would be no happiness, Yes the misfortune has helped. Of course, I wish we always comply with the rules of hygiene. But how many years the world – this problem has always existed. If in the future we will start to take a closer look after themselves, wash hands frequently and all that – it would be welcome. Too bad that all of this was given to us at such a dear price.

At the time of isolation is very important to monitor themselves and to do aerobic exercise. Photo: istock