According to the results of September 2022, Yakimanka became the district of Moscow with the most expensive luxury housing on the secondary market. This was reported by analysts of the real estate company Kalinka Group, writes RBC.

The average price per square meter of elite “secondary” there was 1,275 million rubles. The negative dynamics of the indicator for the year amounted to four percent. Experts called Khamovniki the second in the list of areas with the most expensive housing — there the cost of a “square” on the secondary market was estimated at 1,274 million rubles. Until September, since the beginning of this year, this area was the leader of the rating, but by the end of September, a square meter of luxury real estate in Yakimanka turned out to be more expensive than in Khamovniki. Compared with September 2021, in the latter, the negative dynamics of the indicator was nine percent.

Gagarin district closed the top three with an average cost of a “square” of 1,204 million rubles. During the year, prices for luxury housing in the secondary market there also fell by nine percent. In addition, the Arbat and Presnensky districts were in the top five with indicators of 1.016 and 1.009 million rubles per square meter, respectively. On average, in the capital, the price of the “square” of the elite “secondary” at the end of the ninth month of this year was set at 1.021 million rubles. Over the year, the cost of such apartments has fallen by 15 percent.

In October, analysts of the Est-a-Tet agency concluded that in the third quarter of 2022, among the districts of Moscow, luxury housing rose the most in Meshchansky. Over the year, the value of real estate has increased by 80 percent, to 2.4 million rubles.