The Czech President condemned the dismantling of the monument to Konev

According to Zeman, it is a feature of this kind of fighters with the monuments. “They envy those who have achieved something. I envy those who painted a picture or created a monument and seek to destroy it. Unfortunately, such people very much, and generates hatred and envy, rather than the recognition of other people’s success,” said President Zeman.

Photo: MARTIN DIVISEK/ EPA Why in the Czech Republic refused to give Russia a monument to Marshal Konev

At the same time, he warned the Russian side from interfering in the internal Affairs of the Czech Republic, calling it “counterproductive.” Zeman recalled that recently (“when not wearing masks against coronavirus”) he would invite the Chinese and American ambassadors and warned them about the inadmissibility of any interference in the internal Affairs of his country.

Recall that after the demolition of the bronze monument, which the municipal authorities of the district Prague 6 made April 3, that is, in conditions of strict quarantine measures, the Main investigation Department of the RF IC opened a criminal case against the perpetrators of the desecration of military glory of Russia. We are talking first and foremost about the head of the district municipality O. Calarie.

the President of the Czech Republic expressed its readiness to take part in celebrations on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Victory over fascism, which was scheduled to be held in Moscow on may 9. He now observes strict quarantine and, according to sources close to him, directly communicates only with the head of his office.