The crew of the USS

From the total of four thousand people on Board will be only 10 percent to support the work of the nuclear reactor and other critical equipment.

Photo: U.S. Navy/ What will finish off the US aircraft carriers: the virus, the rockets or the economy

according to local media reports, for the first time since the end of world war II American aircraft carrier was put out of action (in 1945, the Japanese sank the aircraft carrier “Bismarck sea”).

the Decision to evacuate was made after the commander Brett crozier in the direction of the Ministry of defence letter on four pages painted such a grim situation on Board. According to him, due to the limited space on the ship it is impossible to establish a quarantine and take other measures against the spread of coronavirus. “Sailors don’t have to die. We are not at war” – he wrote.

the First three cases of coronavirus on the aircraft carrier was diagnosed on March 24, this number has now reached almost 100, although the test managed only 1,300 people.

Photo: U.S. Navy/ Floating epidemic: how dangerous outbreak COVID-19 on the aircraft carrier

currently, the “Theodore Roosevelt” stands at the shores of the island of GUAM, one of the largest in the Mariana archipelago. According to representatives of the US Pacific fleet after the evacuation of sailors the ship will be fumigated, but there is another problem. At a military base in GUAM just not enough places to put additionally nearly four thousand people. The Navy is trying to negotiate with local authorities on the use of hotels and the opportunity to pitch a tent right on the pier.

the Governor of GUAM Lou Leon Guerrero already agreed to place those whose tests came back negative, the hotels on the island, but restricted to move. He also said, reassuring the local population that the doctors will just check sailors quarantined for symptoms, after the detection of coronavirus they will smuggle in military hospitals.