the top coach Hein Vanhaezebrouck dissects each and every week, it’s (Belgium) voetbalweekend, even in the times of the solar corona, and unemployment. At this time, linking the present crisis to the BeNeliga. “It’s been an extra counter-argument.”

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for example, If you are at home, and at this time some of the post – unemployment, there is a period of time to do other things. Cooking is what I do for a long time, but now that I have, for the first time in my life, and a loaf of bread is baked. However, you will remain still, to ponder, and to philosophize on the situation. The current coronacrisis will bring you to some of the ideas in the game of football. That they are in the play-offs now, but I need to go, such as the last week I have suggested, is the logical thing to do. But let’s talk about the BeNeLiga.

the Lock-light usa. groepsimmuniteit

As you can see, how the two countries deal with the virus, and that it is a night and day difference. In Belgium, we have a moment of light , which will after that become more stringent, it is. In the Netherlands, they were not convinced that this is the right method was selected for the development of the groepsimmuniteit. The virus will take its course, let it go, so that as many people as possible there, resistance would build up, and the vulnerable are better protected, it ought to be. If that is so clever, it is yet to be seen. There were all of the 276 deaths, especially in the vulnerable group, compared to 122 in Belgium. Just as there are in Belgium, with a second wave coming, it would be the Dutch approach is the right can be seen. I just want to show that we are two countries that are fully adjacent to each other, operate on and a quite different beslissingsniveaus have.

I was not a big supporter of BeNeLiga, but this crisis proves that this competition is very hard to set it up and it is almost impossible to meet. What do you do with a combined league if one of the government’s ” X says a, and another government-Y? there is a BeNeLiga would be out in a few years time a new virus is up – get out of there, but of all of that. One-half of the match, then it will be cancelled, and the other is not? Or a couple that is similar that you have to deal with a terrorist attack, in Brussels, belgium. The match of Anderlecht, had been canceled, but what about the match in Groningen?

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This is in addition to the many other arguments against such a BeNeLiga. Also, in regards to the benefits of the students were of the differences to the top. To the aid there are simply not the same. The taalverschil is an issue. We do not speak the same language, but we are in Wallonia has not been forgotten. I am not arguing for a separation of the country, the fact that Wallonia is part of Belgium, it will be a BeNeLiga be very difficult. Or do you think that the Standard and Charleroi, and the like, as the only two clubs to have a anderstalig the country to play in a league in which the language of instruction is English?

I, too, think the judges we have to share what we have, in the past, all have been tried. In Belgium (Dutch part numbers is a plus, but it was a disaster. We’re into the Belgian awards mind-blowing things happened, so they had to stop it. And while they are in the meantime, the number of people present at the big tournaments, and even in the finals, for us, it is not certain to increase.

Attractive posters?

what You see with fans around the world. That is the long distances and may not be used, that’s on them. From brussels south Charleroi airport to Groningen is 450 km away, but in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, the netherlands to do so. However, I noticed that the question of whether the Belgian fans are waiting for the new posters. Yes, using Ajax, Feyenoord and PSV have to play an extra. And then you have the right. But, beyond that? If you don’t have to Heerenveen or Utrecht and Willem II. Of the top ten Dutch clubs, there would be six, which is no fan of losing sleep. while you are attractive to spider-man’s as well as STVV-Genk and lost.

In a BeNeLiga go to you, of course, not twice as much as the European tickets may be split. We are not ten, but maybe five. It would be, anyway, less of the Belgian clubs in the European games. And it does so in AZ is fantastic, in Europe, the Belgians still do not understand, such as, a few years ago, however, in the case of the AA Gent and the whole country was suddenly on the Buffalo. It would be centuries take a while before you get a sense of the unity of creation. Don’t forget that Belgium is as independent as we can, the Dutch have been…

Photo: Photo in the News < / p> Hooliganisme?

I can go on and on. for What is it with hooliganisme? The government doesn’t allow you to, in preparation for a Dutch club to play in, unless they have been given a lot of the terms, conditions or people. Each of the Belgian “hard core” because it has connections with the Dutch hard-core. Thus, also in this area, there are problems with it. , You will go back to the battlefields, and the cops will have a huge manpower is required to keep everything under control.

Deloitte will be positive – the study of BeNeLiga may be focused on the economic impact. I can’t even imagine that a competition will be financially more interesting. But, as you can see, there are plenty of things to doubt that it ever will. And, it seems, perhaps, that almost all of the Belgian soccer clubs with one cord to pull, and hope that there will be a BeNeLiga to come. But don’t worry: some people just don’t want to be against the shins to kick, and to show that they are willing to work together. Secretly, they hope that their colleagues in the program, so that they don’t have to do it.

for More on the Analysis of Hein Vanhaezebrouck “Ready for the play-offs, to make the Club Brugge won the championship and the plan is in July just last evening in the” “but I said at once: one at the European club career, it will make the Doku” “At Oostende and Waasland-Beveren, is a rake-a rake-a rake. We may have to have a smaller competition “is That you, as a coach, it is only now, after five yellow cards, suspended, are, in and of itself is ridiculous“