The Church of the UNESCO world heritage site burned in Haiti

Photo: depositphotos/digidream

In Haiti burned the Royal Church, which was inscribed on the world heritage list of UNESCO, RIA Novosti reported.

fire engulfed the Church building on Monday night. It is known that the fire completely destroyed the dome, with a diameter reaching 30 meters.

currently, the cause of the fire remains unknown, however, the version about short circuit already ruled out.

it is Noted that the temple was built on the orders of Henry I in the early nineteenth century near the city of cap-Haitien. The Cathedral and fortress Loferer and other buildings of the ensemble form a national Park, recognized in 1982 by the heritage of mankind.

In August 2018, the fire consumed the Church of the assumption of the XVIII century, located in Kondopoga. After the incident, the remains of the temple was preserved, and some of the logs were buried. It was reported that the work on its rehabilitation should begin in 2020.

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