The children's Ombudsman in the Krasnodar region will check the videos with the screaming kids in the pits

Photo credit: the telegram-channel “FTP”

the Commissioner for children’s rights in the Krasnodar region Tatiana Kovaleva will verify the information in relation to the involuntary admission of children, according to “”.

Earlier in social networks appeared rollers, where the paramedics put crying children in isolated boxes. Users have been outraged by this treatment of children.

Kovalev said that it received inquiries about the incident. She declined to comment on the incident, but confirmed that the information will be checked.

“the Required queries in this situation have already done, but I until a response is received, I will not comment. The rollers have different origins, and speculation is now completely useless. I follow developments, of course,” – said Kovalev.

Earlier the President of Russia Vladimir Putin commented on the preparation of the regions for the deterioration of the situation with coronavirus. He called the “sloppiness” execution of sanitary-epidemiological norms in a number of subjects of the Russian Federation.

Earlier it became known that the Moscow doctors have shared experiences with colleagues from the regions to combat coronavirus. So, April 4 chief doctor of the hospital in Kommunarka Denis Protsenko and the head physician of GKB No. 52 Maryana Lysenko held a webinar, in which he told about experience of preparing the hospital to receive infected COVID-19.

2774 persons were registered in recent days as infected with the coronavirus. Only in Russia contracted 21102 person. 1694 man recovered and was discharged from the hospital.

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