The chief doctor of the hospital. Filatov urged Muscovites to stay home

One of the largest city hospitals – Filatov №15, was promptly converted for the reception of patients infected with the coronavirus. Chief doctor Valeriy Vechorko reported today on his page in the social network on the dynamics of admission of new patients.

information about the situation in the hospital on 31.03.20:

care 488 patients;

of them, with a diagnosis

community-acquired pneumonia: 312

COVID-19: 106

one day arrived:174

Issued: 2

Photo: Alex Maishev / RIA Novosti city authorities have responded to the first issues of isolation

Since March 27, the number of patients with community-acquired pneumonia is the most frequent complication, which causes the new coronavirus has increased 2.5 times. The chief doctor asked the patients, all residents of the city to strictly observe the regime of isolation – this will help slow down the spread of infection.

“At this challenging time for all of us, want as the main doctor of one of the largest hospitals in our city that accepts patients with coronavirus infection, to address you with a request. Please take the most serious decision a government action: follow the regime of self-isolation, don’t leave your homes without having, observe the prescribed precautions, protect yourself and your loved ones, especially elderly relatives. My colleagues Sergey Petrikov, Denis Protsenko and groups our hospitals are working for you around the clock. Help us. Show awareness. Stay at home. The more people will realize this and make the quickrather, we celebrate spring on the streets of our city,” wrote Valery Vechorko.