This meeting can watch three thousand 518 fans. Why so much? The fact that the Russian football Union has recently agreed with Rospotrebnadzor host the matches of the tournament with the audience. The stadium can be filled to 10 percent of their capacity, which at Krasnodar arena is 35 thousand 179 people.

While it is unclear how clubs will determine who of the audience will have the opportunity to see first after a three-month pause, the restart of the championship of the country.

And to finish the championship remained eight rounds. And they all promise to be very interesting. After all, if the argument for gold, hardly anyone will come with the “Zenith”, the struggle for the silver (it gives a direct ticket to the UEFA Champions League – the main command tournament of Europe) have a fascinating. At the moment, second or third place, having scored 41 points, divide the capital “locomotive” and “Krasnodar”. Very close by are two more competitor – “Rostov” and CSKA.

And to predict the outcome of this battle is almost impossible. It is not clear what the condition of the insulation will be rivals. This is especially true of the bulls.

In these three months the team was the most closed team of RPL. The residents seemed to have barricaded themselves from the football community, not bringing it on the court almost no news out of their camp, except for extremely rare messages to its website.

Yes, even in social networks there are stories about the controversial staged a party with alcohol and hookah Brazilian players of Kuban the Wánderson and Cayo, as well as the news (also left club) resignation of head coach Sergei Matveev and the appointment in his place of Igor Suhareka.

In General, in this situation, fans who can only hope that this “secret” tactic is deliberate and it is aimed only at the misrepresentation of their rivals.

Although many experts the favorite in the dispute over silver sees continues Kuban.

– it seems to Me that “Krasnodar”, as a club, which is very well organized, maybe a good finish, says ex-coach Gadzhi Gadzhiev. Although left of railwaymen Yury Pavlovich Semin in a recent interview noticed that the calendar Lokomotiv softer. But I somehow think that “Krasnodar” will be able to find the most effective ways of training.

the results of the voting for the title of best stadium in the country, which took place in the official account Instagram of the Russian Premier League. First place went to the stadium of FC “Krasnodar”.

In the end, fans had to choose between the stadium of the bulls and St. Petersburg, the “Gazprom Arena”, which serves the local “Zenit”. As a result, 57 percent of fans voted in favor of the residents.

“the Coliseum” – as in the tableTSE Kuban call it a unique structure that looks like his Roman counterpart, was commissioned nearly four years ago. The first match, that saw the national teams of Russia and Costa Rica, was held here on the ninth of October 2016.

June 21.”Krasnodar” – “Dynamo” (Moscow). 20.00

June 27.”Orenburg” – “Krasnodar”.14.00

on 1 July.”Rostov” – “Krasnodar”. 20.00

on 5 July.”Krasnodar” – “Zenit” (St. Petersburg). 20.30

9 July”the ruby” (Kazan) – “Krasnodar”. 20.30

July 12.”Krasnodar” – “Ural” (Ekaterinburg).20.30

July 15.”Wings Of The Soviets” (Samara) – “Krasnodar”.16.00

July 22. “Krasnodar” – “Ahmad” (Grozny).19.00.