The Blokhin cancer center restricted the admission of patients from COVID-19 employee

April 1, 2020, the CPS informed the leadership of the SMRC of Oncology. N. N. Blokhin about the positive test Covid-19 a single employee of the office of drug therapies (chemotherapy) No. 3. The employee is on sick leave from March 25, 2020, feels well respiratory failure had not, said the cancer center.

After confirmation of a positive result to the test in the hospital has taken measures to prevent the spread of infection: with today suspended the admission of patients in the primary Department, and the staff dissolved into quarantine, each will be tested for COVID-19.

Patients who were previously hospitalized and are undergoing treatment in Department of chemotherapy No. 3, isolated in the wards and taken under special supervision. The necessary medical procedures performed by employees of other offices of chemotherapy. “For doctors there is a special protective clothing. Their movement around the Centre is limited,” – said at the cancer center.

Photo: Stanislav Krasilnikov/TASS In Russia per day has been added 771 case COVID-19 to 29 regions

since the beginning of the pandemic, the Center has a broad and unprecedented security measures in strict accordance with trebovaniyami Rospotrebnadzor, said in SMRC.

• Canceled all public events – meetings, conferences, lectures for students.

• Employees over 65 years of age were transferred to work from home with salary.

• At the entrance to the building, all incoming measured temperature. Employees with a high temperature in the workplace is not allowed.

• patients Advisory-diagnostic Department (clinic) is going an extended anamnesis, including the data collection on contact with patients with novel coronavirus infection and about visiting areas where cases of the disease.

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• At the time of the quarantine prohibited the passage of visitors (relatives) to patients receiving treatment round the hospital. Visits are allowed only in special cases for relatives of critically ill patients and when taking all safety measures.

• the Parents of the patients of the Institute of pediatric Oncology and Hematology, who is with the children in the hospital, forbidden to leave the SMRC of Oncology. N. N. Blokhin.

• All the facilities are cleaned according to the disinfection regime. Because viruses are more resistant than bacteria, the concentration of disinfectants in the treatment of surfaces increased by 3 times, increased the rate of surface treatment.