The Belgians are the first in Europe to finally stop the football championship

play of the championship of Belgium on football because of the pandemic coronavirus will be terminated with the adoption of the current position of the teams in the final. This measure was recommended by the Board of Directors of the higher League of the country, it now needs to be approved at the General Assembly.

“the Board of Directors unanimously decided that it would be undesirable to continue the tournament after June 30. The Council formulated the unanimous opinion that the championship should not be renewed and to take the position of teams in the championship as the final”, – reads the statement of the Pro League.

If the recommendation is adopted, champion of Belgium will be “Bruges”, which is after 29 rounds in the lead with a 15-point margin. The right to performance in the qualifying stage of the Champions League will receive the second “Gent”. The ad hoc working group will determine the fate of the national Cup and first division championship.

At the moment, all European national Championships, with the exception of the championship of Belarus, which was suspended due to a pandemic. However, they expect to finish after the weakening of the pandemic.

In Russia the championship was stopped from March 17 until April 10, after which a pause was decided to extend until may 31. However, on the early end of the season, as it has done in hockey and basketball, the speech continues.

the Union of European football associations (UEFA) this week said that the completion of the interior national Championships at this point is premature and unjustified decision, the organization urged the League not to consider this option.