120 people have completed the educational program on additive technologies of the Moscow Technical School. Training in the basic course was organized online.

In addition, 10 students who scored the highest number of points were invited to the production, where they will be able to put their knowledge into practice.

The program was designed for 16 hours and consisted of seven modules. Not only engineers of the capital’s enterprises, but also anyone could join the training.

“The students showed high results during the course. Therefore, we decided to expand the program in the direction of “Additive Technologies” and signed four more partnership agreements with various companies. This will allow us to reach a wider audience of engineering and technical specialists,” Vladislav Ovchinsky added.

“Additive technologies”: a new direction has been opened at the Moscow Technical School

The companies “Corporation of Robots” and “RuSat” became industrial partners, MIREA — Russian Technological University — educational. Companies will form requests for targeted training and retraining of engineering personnel, as well as inform about the need for scientific developments in the direction.

The Association for the Development of Additive Technologies has become a development partner. It will provide information support, assist universities in preparing educational programs in accordance with the requests of industrial partners.

“Moscow Technical School” includes a network of centers of technological and industrial competencies on the basis of higher education organizations equipped with modern engineering and technological infrastructure for advanced training of personnel for the needs of industry. The first 78 engineers successfully completed training in the field of “Communication Technologies” last year.

In the near future, in addition to “Additive Technologies”, training will be available in six more areas: “Artificial Intelligence in Industry”, “Robotics and sensors”, “Digital twins”, “New Production Technologies”, “Microelectronics” and “Unmanned vehicles”.

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