When shopping for a bed, organizer Ticiana Medola, founder of the company Range-Ose, first looks at models with drawers. “There’s a lot of storage potential under the bed, and when you’re not using it, it’s wasted space,” she says. Aesthetically speaking, beds with built-in drawers are hard to beat, says Stéphanie Galipeau, founder and president of HOP. Some have drawers on the side, and other models, at the foot of the bed.

The platform bed is another interesting option. The mattress lifts up, much like a lid, which maximizes storage space. “It’s more expensive, but if you get to the point of buying a bed, it’s a great idea to consider,” says Stéphanie Galipeau. To organize the space and find your way around better, you can place storage boxes at the bottom of the bed, like the traditional SKUBB from IKEA.

There are different options on the market for storage boxes to slide under the bed… if space allows. Most models are between 7 and 8 inches tall. Ticiana Medola recommends choosing models that are rigid (for a tidier look) and closed (to keep dust out). It’s better to identify the contents of each box to find your way around more easily, advises Stéphanie Galipeau.

You can also buy separate drawers to slide them under an existing bed. Again, you need to have a space of around 19 cm under your bed to be able to consider this option. Ensure that the space between the bed and the top of the drawer is as small as possible, again to limit dust accumulation. Psst… You can find casters for drawers in hardware stores and on the internet, to screw under existing drawers.

There are two main options for organizing items: drawers or large storage boxes. You can opt for bamboo drawer dividers (on sale at Amazon) or even open bins. The SKUBB and STUK ranges, at IKEA, are available in several sizes, at affordable prices.

Decorative suitcases and chests are obviously prettier than plastic bins, but they generally have less capacity. “We can put them forward to hide something behind,” suggests Stéphanie Galipeau. Notice to people who don’t have space under their bed: you can also place a larger chest at the foot of the bed. “It’s a nice way to add storage,” she says.

The choice of items to store under the bed varies depending on accessibility. You can put whatever you want in drawers. But in boxes closed with a zipper, for example, it is better to store things that are not used every day. Ticiana Medola stores her sewing supplies and seasonal clothing there. As for Stéphanie Galipeau, she uses this space to store wool sweaters and swimsuits. You can also put bedding.

There are storage boxes specially designed for shoes. Except that if the shoes are stored under the bed, you will no longer see them… and you will tend to forget them, notes Stéphanie Galipeau. “Why, then, put them there? Are they worth keeping? », asks Stéphanie Galipeau, who emphasizes that the job of an organizer is also to ask these questions to clients. Before looking for additional storage solutions, first ask yourself if you really need all the equipment stored in your home. Good sorting can free up a lot of space.

And finally, the extreme example: a loft bed that tops a full closet. An option to consider in very small rooms. “In Brazil, where people often live in condos, this kind of arrangement is common,” notes Ticiana Medola, herself a native of that country. There are a handful of them on the market. Cabinetmakers can also make custom ones.