Sat.1 is launching a new format: “The 1% Quiz – How clever is Germany?” will be produced in Cologne from January 14, 2023. Jörg Pilawa acts as moderator in the show. The broadcaster has now announced this. “For me, ‘The 1% Quiz – How clever is Germany?’ one of the strongest quiz show developments in recent decades,” explains Pilawa in the statement.

The concept? Pilawa tests 100 candidates in comparison to the average knowledge of Germans. “Each question is tested in advance in representative surveys,” explains the moderator. “That’s why we know what percentage of Germans know the correct answer.” The candidates can fight their way through to the final question, “which only one percent of respondents answered correctly,” says Pilawa. At the end, up to 100,000 euros await the winner. The broadcast is already planned for spring 2023.

The concept originally came from Great Britain. The original titled “The 1% Club” was able to set ratings records there. According to the announcement, broadcasters in other countries such as France or the USA have already secured the rights to the format.

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