While criticizing President Donald Trump’s handling of the Covid-19 pandemic, Joe Biden recommended people wearing masks “all the time,” setting off critics on social media.

“I would make sure everyone was encouraged to wear a mask all the time,” Biden said at Thursday’s presidential debate while discussing his potential plans for ending the pandemic, which includes more rapid testing and national standards for states reopening their economy.

Trump has mocked Biden for his near-constant mask wearing in the past. While the president walked onto the debate stage not wearing a mask, while Biden did. He also held up the mask when encouraging wearing them multiple times.

His “wear a mask all the time” comment has raised the alarms of critics on social media already tired of the mask wearing currently required in many states.

“[To be honest], I probably should wear a mask while I’m pooping,” Daily Caller’s Geoffrey Ingersoll tweeted. 

“Umm, people don’t wanna wear a mask all the time Joe,” podcast Dave Rubin added.

“Biden’s covid plan: mask mania. Masks all the time. Masks masks masks,” radio host Buck Sexton wrote.

Biden’s covid plan: mask mania. Masks all the time. Masks masks masks. 6 months ago, it was “tests tests tests”Lockdowners have no idea how to stop this virus, and have been wrong at every stage

What’s Biden’s plan to combat Coronavirus? Wear a mask. That’s not a plan, dude.

“Wear a mask all the time.”I feel like that needs a follow up.

“I would make sure we have everyone encouraged to wear a mask all the time,” says Biden—utterly disqualifying, in my view

Biden has floated the idea of a national mask mandate multiple times, though he’s also said he isn’t sure if the president has the authority to enact such an order. At Thursday’s debate, moderate Kristen Welker did not follow up after Biden’s “mask” comment about any potential mandates.

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