First selected Erling Broke Haaland to put themselves in a meditasjonsposisjon when the Dortmund-tip tapped into both his second in the 2-1 win over Paris Saint-Germain at home in åttedelsfinalen in mesterligaen in the middle of February.

I love to meditate. It gives me peace, and I feel comfortable. That is why I sometimes celebrate on the way when I score, ” said Haaland to Esporte Interativo after the match.

DOUBLE: Here, Erling Broke Haaland just scored his first against PSG.

Photo: WOLFGANG RATTAY / Reuters

Then appeared a Snapchat image of Haaland with the caption, “my city, not yours”, which is a Paris-filter. It must have been the PSG-stars to have seen red.

In the aftermath, it has emerged that the caption was not real, according to ESPN, but it tirret regardless of Neymar and co.

Brought again

So used PSG 2-0 in the returoppgjøret at the Parc des Princes 11. march in front of empty grandstands, which provided for 3-2-advancement for the French team. When Neymar scored åpningsmålet in the fight, he chose to celebrate that Haaland did on home soil some weeks in advance.

Also in the locker room after the game showed several videos that the PSG players put together in the “Zen”position, just as Haaland when he scored.

According to the brazilian forsvarsbautaen Marquinhos was planned.

He likes to do such things. Neymar is not just a football player. He is not afraid to stick out and the answer always is when people are provocative, ” says Marquinhos in an interview with YouTube channel Desimpedidos.

CENTRAL: Here’s Neymar just scored against Dortmund. Behind him runs Marquinhos.

Photo: HANDOUT / Reuters Rebuke from Uefa

After the match, it was Neymar’s turn to post a photo. The caption read “Paris is our city, not yours”, with a picture of Neymar sitting in the same position as Haaland did after his goal in Germany.

The european football association (Uefa) gave the French hovedstadsklubben a formal warning for unsportsmanlike conduct after the match, but the club received no fine.

PSG is on in the mesterligaen, but as a result of koronaviruset is all the other matches in the tournament in the Uefa-sponsored deferred until further notice.