It is a good prospect, when 3.g-students must undertake fewer exams, believes high school students and teachers.

A united Parliament has decided that students of, among others, stx and hf needs to be up to substantially be exams for the summer as a result of coronaudbruddet in Denmark.

In Gymnasieskolernes Teachers ‘ association, it was suggested to loop all the exams and replace them with årskarakterer.

Yet president Thomas Kepler happy for the clarification.

– If the starting point was that you should have completed all exams, see it here after all better, he says.

these Changes mean that students in 3.g up to three exams in years, rather than seven to eight exams. The remaining examination marks shall be replaced by the årskarakterer, which is given at the end of the school year.

2.hf is that they must implement the four exams. On the hf-education is not årskarakterer.

Among gymnasielærerne had Thomas Kepler, however, like to seen that more and preferably all of the exams were canceled.

it’s becoming a challenge to continue the education of the students, so that it can live up to the desired level. Especially when students and teachers both need to focus on to get ready for exams and catch up on lost education, he says.

– The largest loss by this solution is that we are not going to be able to deliver the same quality and the same yield. We can already say now, ” says Thomas Kepler.

Among high school students is a welcome decision, chairman Martin Mejlgaard from the Danish high scool students Association. He experiences that the politicians have listened.

– We think it is good that you are listening to the message of fewer exams.

– It had been unreasonable to expect that students could come up and perform well for all their exams with the inferior conditions, after you have been homeschooling a long time, he says.

Also here they had, however, suggested that all exams had to be removed on the near the big årsopgave SRP. And therefore, there is the same expectation that the level will be lower.

– the ability to go to the exam are at a disadvantage when the teaching can not follow it, it normally does, says Martin Mejlgaard.