Void exams for 9. and 10. classes and use the final grade in the place of, reads the recommendation from the teachers ‘ association.

Void afgangseksaminerne for students in 9. and 10. class and use årskarakteren instead.

this is the sound of the call from the Teachers ‘ association to the minister of education), Pernille Rosenkrantz-Theil (S).

– we do This because we are in the course of the last few weeks increasingly got feedback from teachers who think it is becoming more and more difficult.

– We’ve also heard from students that there is great uncertainty and turmoil. Therefore, we believe that it is appropriate with a report, so there will be some confidence among students and parents, says teachers ‘ president, Anders Bondo Christensen.

the Schools have been closed since 16. march because of the control of coronavirus.

Prime minister Mette Frederiksen (S) has announced that the country can gradually be opened after easter, if the danes follow the authorities ‘ instructions, and smittetallene not rise sharply.

the More the media learns that the prime minister on Monday will present a plan for how it can happen.

But regardless of that the schools can be the subject of a gradual opening-up, will the right solution according to Anders Bondo be to cancel afgangsprøverne.

there is Nothing to indicate, according to the lærerformanden that there will be normal modes at the schools after the easter, nor for the afgangsklasserne.

– If we were fully operational on Tuesday after easter, and all students in 9. and 10. class could be taught, then it should almost certainly go. But, there is nothing to suggest.

– We open the whole school. The Association has announced that there will be several days before they are logistically ready to open the schools. So, it becomes some few students.

There will also be some teachers who are not allowed to appear, because they are at risk.

– All the uncertainties, we think it is the right thing to drop the afgangsprøverne, says Anders Bondo Christensen.

He believes that the time, where the samples should have been settled, instead, can be used to obtain some of it up.

– There are provided very good teaching, while students have been at home. But it is nødundervisning and not on the level with it, they wont, says Anders Bondo Christensen.

Although the recommendation is to cancel the tests, it must according to the teachers, be possible to take the exam for the students, where årskarakteren is not enough to get in on ungdomsuddannelsen.

the Parliament has previously adopted a special law, just making it possible for the minister of education to cancel the afgangseksaminerne.

Pernille Rosenkrantz-Theil has no comments, it shall inform the ministry.