The tank discount comes on June 1st. While drivers are happy, experts warn of bottlenecks and chaos. FOCUS Online says why waiting for the tank discount is not a good idea. In addition, our editors say who should fill up now.

The price of petrol and diesel shot up by 35 cents at the end of February. After the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine, drivers paid more than 2.30 euros for a liter of diesel or petrol. In the meantime, the price has stabilized at around 1.95 euros and 2.11 euros.

Commuters groan under the high fuel costs. Workers who have to travel several hundred kilometers a day to work are particularly affected. The federal government is now giving a tank discount.

Gasoline will be 30 cents cheaper from June 1st, diesel 14 cents cheaper. Anyone who fills up with 45 liters saves 13.50 euros with the Super and 4.90 euros with the diesel. If you have to drive to the petrol station four times a month and fill up the tank there, you will save 54 euros in petrol.

Drivers are already mentally preparing for the fuel discount. The majority are currently not refueling and prefer to wait until the tank discount applies. Gas station attendants unanimously declare that drivers are currently refueling for small amounts.

But that has a direct impact on June 1st.

Gas station owners warn of bottlenecks and long queues in consistent reports. Drivers will then have to have a lot of patience. In some cases, gasoline and diesel could even become scarce given high demand.

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The cheap fuel ensures high demand. Gas stations will therefore want to order larger quantities of cheap fuel in many places. But there are only a few spray guns that can bring petrol and diesel to all petrol pumps in Germany at the same time. In extreme cases, there could be a shortage. The result would also be that prices would rise sharply – the tank discount would have been for nothing.

Due to the falling demand, petrol station operators have been ordering less fuel since the beginning of the month because they have to sell the liquid gold at a lower price from June 1st. Delivery of the cheap fuel will only begin on June 1st. Therefore, it is completely unclear whether each filling station will have enough fuel available to meet demand.

The Federal Association of Independent Gas Stations had already warned of bottlenecks in an interview with the “Bild” newspaper. However, the association left a request from FOCUS Online with further questions about the problem unanswered.

There is no right answer.

Due to the uncertain situation, it would actually be advisable to fill up now. This is especially true for drivers who urgently need their vehicle at the beginning of the month.

Those who are not dependent on their car at the beginning of June can wait and benefit from the tank discount at a later date.

FOCUS Online advises commuters: get the 9-euro ticket (available on May 23) after the start of advance sales and switch to bus and train. This saves a lot of money over the next three months. We’ll tell you exactly how to use the 9 euros here.

Supermarket prices are skyrocketing, but we consumers also have to dig deeper into our pockets for electricity, petrol, furniture and clothing. What did you observe? What do you do to save money each month for yourself and your family? Send an e-mail to with your name and telephone number

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