The Creator of Vkontakte and Telegram Pavel Durov has called US not the best place for emigration, listing several shortcomings of this country. According to him, he was inspired to this post by the film Yuri Dude about Silicon valley. Why, according to Durova, entrepreneurs should avoid California — in the article “Газеты.Ru”.

Businessman Pavel Durov has dedicated his new publication a number of reasons why he believes the US is a good place to emigrate IT entrepreneurs. According to Durov, to write a post inspired by the film Yuri Dude about Silicon valley posted on YouTube. At the time of this writing, that video has gathered over 16 million views.

“over the past 10 years I have not once been in America, opened and closed there, the company participated in conferences, meetings, and projects. Once considered the possibility of moving to Silicon valley, but eventually abandoned this idea in favor of other options”, — wrote Durov.

After 2014, the Creator of “Vkontakte” Durov left Russia, he travels extensively, spending a lot of time in European countries. The exact location of his permanent residence is currently unknown.

Durov said that the film Dude businessmen who came to Silicon valley from other countries, list the advantages of moving to the States. The head of the Telegram stated that he knew many of them personally and in private conversations they Express the opposite opinion about life in USA.

“In General, on-camera characters in the film demonstrate a very American trait — to bypass acute angles and to concentrate on the positive sides. It is my duty to also tell you about the shortcomings of America in order to warn a new generation of entrepreneurs from repeating the mistakes of our predecessors,” — said the head of the Telegram.

The first reason why the USA is not the best place for emigration, Pavel Durov called unfair actions of law enforcement bodies of the country, as America is a “strict police state”. Durov himself faced with the arbitrariness of the police and intelligence services when I lived in the States, therefore, warned its readers about what can happen to anyone.

The second reason was too expensive health care system, which cannot afford the majority of immigrants who are forced to fly to other countries where treatment is cheaper. In addition, the efficacy of medicine, too, leaves much to be desired — it is enough to recall the fact that the U.S. is in first place in obesity among developed countries.

One of the downsides of Silicon valley Durov has also described the limitations of cultural life, as the closest city to this area is San Francisco, which is not a city but is famous for its high crime rate.

There are claims at the head of the Telegram to the middle��th education in the United States, the quality of which is lower than in other developed countries.

Durov said that all the winners of world Championships in programming, representing States, are ethnic Chinese, educated in China, not the US.

We should not forget about the high taxes — the rich residents of California give more than half their income to the Treasury. In addition, in Silicon valley’s expensive real estate, and maintaining high-tech business. The local programmers are not as effective as experts, for example, from Eastern Europe.

Finally, the seventh reason for emigration to the United States is not as rosy as one might think, the film highlighted the weak Outlook of the U.S. market, calling it “overheated and over-regulated segment of the global Internet, representing only 4% of the population of the earth.”

If earlier the most part of global IT projects were launched in Silicon valley, now a major success story born and beyond.

As a vivid example of the last argument Durov brought service TikTok, having a Chinese origin.

“the United States is not the best place neither for the life nor the conduct of IT business. I am sure that given the choice all those wishing to leave Eastern Europe you should definitely consider other options. The rights and freedoms of a person is much better protected in the countries of Northern and Central Europe, and economic growth in the XXI century is focused in Asia. America is still able to lure a part of established entrepreneurs and developers from all over the world with cheap money investors, but moving to the United States today is akin to buying an asset at its peak value,” concluded the actor.