An unusual step for Aldi Nord: The discounter chain from Essen takes over the company Altmühltaler Mineralbrunnen, as reported by the “Lebensmittel Zeitung”. The Franconian company has two locations, one in Treuchtlingen and one in Breuna in Hesse. The Altmühltaler Group is one of the largest producers of mineral water in Germany.

Aldi wants to produce water and other drinks for its own brands at the acquired locations. With this step, the discounter actually violates its company policy.

This states that the company does not have its own production facilities. The only exception to this is coffee: Aldi Nord is said to have two of its own roasting plants.

Around 400 employees currently work for Altmühltaler in production and bottling. In addition to mineral water, the company also produces non-alcoholic soft drinks and has its own screw cap and bottle production. According to its own statements, the company can look back on more than 100 years of family tradition in the Altmühl Valley in Central Franconia. This year, however, there was some turbulence for the Mineralbrunnen Group.

It was not until May 2022 that Altmühltaler announced that the third bottling site in Brandenburg would be closed. The reason for this was with another supermarket chain: the order from Edeka-Netto broke away.

As the managing director Alexander Pascher told the BR, the negotiations about a contract extension failed. As a result, some employees in Treuchtlingen also had to be laid off. The takeover by Aldi Nord could give the staff a little security again.

Aldi stated that it intends to invest further in the locations and to expand the bottling of water and beverages. Of course, this also has a major advantage for the discounter, as they can secure long-term access to the products. “The acquisition of the companies gives us the opportunity to maintain production capacities for one of the most important foods in Germany in the long term,” says Aldi manager Jürgen Schwall, according to Lebensmittel Zeitung.

This article was written by Lea Mitulla

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