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Muscovites from 6 April can acquire land for private houses over 40 percent of the cadastral value. Such a rule will allow those who leases land from the city to buy their property at a discounted price
Prolonged quarantine will be consequences neither for the economy nor the population nor for cities. Vice-President of the Union of architects of Russia Dmitry Narinsky said in an interview with "RG" on how we work and where we live, when the pandemic will end
More recently, the ideologues of the cities spoke about the economic benefits of this model: the city as machine for the sale of goods and services. Now we are left with only fragments of his former life. How long the isolation will change the townspeople, - read in the RG
Disputes over payment and utilities, as well as for repairs of housing often overshadow the communication of tenants with apartment owners. The experts gave advice on how to avoid such disagreements
The Ministry of health has proposed to divide health facilities into three levels. The principle is similar with the assignment of stars in the hotel business: the more stars, the higher the level of comfort and equipment. Such information about the clinic or hospital will give the patient the material "RG"
Actor cult films of the last century, and nowadays the head of the criminal group detained by operatives of the capital in the North-East of the capital. The gang stole property and money from the accounts of deceased citizens.
The Ministry has updated the guidelines for the resettlement of emergency housing. In the recommendations an algorithm for the compilation and updating of regional programmes for the resettlement of damaged houses
The rising cost of new apartments in the beginning of the year slowed down. In some cities, housing has become even cheaper. For example, in Novosibirsk the property in January, lost in the price more than percent, in Perm - 0,75%. But this trend is short-lived, with the start of the season the prices go up
The Russians will be able to sell the property which is in pledge at Bank, at the best possible price. The corresponding bill submitted to the Duma
The property of the British Queen is in the 1st Obydensky lane, near the Cathedral of Christ the Savior

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