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The government invited every year to give the Russians over 40 years old the day off to undergo medical examination. This extra day of rest will be provided with preservation of average earnings
The term of the agreement, start-3 will expire in February next year, but the situation with his renewal can be characterized as a deadlock. This was stated by Russian Senator Konstantin Kosachev, noting that the signals from the American side "does not make clear"
The President of Russia there has never been twins, although in the early 2000-ies such an idea arose. The head of state said in the fifth series of the special project TASS "20 questions to Vladimir Putin"
This year Russia will host the census. And although the main census of the month — October, in some regions, the population will begin to rewrite from 1 April. The meaning of major event that everyone in the country was not only counted, but also shared personal information. For example, what nationality he considers himself, in what conditions resides. Based on the obtained data of power form a social, ethnic and demographic policy. In the history of our country a census is to be held for the twentieth time, but it will become special. Rosstat announced the first digital census: all data will be filled in electronic form. Tell what the new waits for Russians in the questionnaires, how to complete them remotely and how many of our fellow "elves" and "trolls" by nationality.
From March 1 will be suspended in air communication with South Korea due to the outbreak of coronavirus, according to Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova. While the country will continue to operate flights "Aeroflot" and "Aurora". Diagram of the receiving aircraft will be the same as in the case of China
Day of special operations Forces is celebrated in Russia for the sixth time. The path of formation of the national MTR was not strewn with roses, but they were able to prove its effectiveness
Vladimir Putin at the expanded Board of the Ministry of interior instructed to increase the level of solved crimes, and to block access to Internet resources, propagandizing drugs. In addition, the President urged extremely hard to respond to the arbitrariness of the police
The self-proclaimed Luhansk people's Republic announced one shelling its territory for the day by the Ukrainian security forces
Vladimir Putin has supported the proposed amendments to the Constitution and emphasized that no reasonable proposal will not be lost. A nationwide vote will take place on 22 April
With the new academic year primary school pupils will begin to get hot meals at the expense of the budget. The law, approved by the Federation Council, also establishes requirements for the quality and safety of products for children and introduces the concept of "healthy eating"
On why opposition protests and why Internet calls to kill the children of asguardian can unbalance the situation in the country, the President spoke in the fourth of a series of video interview with TASS for the project "20 questions to Vladimir Putin". It is dedicated to high-profile cases, Regardie and dispersals of rallies
European countries shamefully silent, watching the war that is being waged against today monuments to the heroes of the struggle against Nazism. This was stated by Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov
"RG" publishes the transcript of the fourth part of the special project TASS "20 questions to Vladimir Putin". The Russian leader responded to questions about resonant cases, Regardie and rallies
The working group for preparation of amendments to the Constitution will discuss the specific wording with Vladimir Putin on February 26. It is already known that the preamble of the Basic Law decided not to change. Instead be prepared for changes in "profile" laws and codes
Director General of the world health organization said Monday that the peak of the epidemic of coronavirus in China passed. But victory over the infection Eze far – and in China do not hide it. One of the signals was the decision on the postponement of the annual session of vsekitajsky meeting of national representatives, the highest legislative body of the country (originally the session was scheduled for 5 March). The Chinese government due to the outbreak of the coronavirus have to maneuver in very narrow and unsafe way between Scylla and Charybdis. Because the epidemic is not only potentially threatens the health and lives of millions of people, but also poses a very real threat to the economic downturn.
Free legal aid, which is put every Russian in practice is insufficiently qualified, the analysis of the accounts chamber. The Treasury pays such defenders regularly. The average monthly income in 2018 reached 69,2 thousand
Powerful ash emissions have occurred at the Mexican Popocatepetl volcano, informs the national service of civil protection on Twitter
The constitutional court admitted the discrepancies when filling out the questionnaire on the competition position of the state or municipal employee, despite the fact that the application of a single sample. The reason for checking the provisions of the law "On municipal service in the Russian Federation" was the complaint of the inhabitant of Chuvashia
An earthquake of magnitude 5.0 was recorded in the East of Turkey, informs the European Mediterranean seismological centre (EMSC)
In the capital presented the scheme of a heat supply of Moscow by 2035. Consideration of one of the key documents, including the electronic model of city development on planning period the General plan of Moscow, passed casually and unnoticed for most people. And this business of modesty — very distinctive. Unlike fellow urbanists, drawing in their presentations Moscow as the city of eternal summer with bike lanes and pedestrian streets, energy looking at the situation realistically. And the reality is that Moscow — one of the coldest capitals in the world: the heating season lasts seven months a year. And if a beautiful modern swings and benches can be used only in the warm season, the importance of stable and uninterrupted heat supply of the city is difficult to overestimate.
According to the Secretary of the national security Council and defence of Ukraine (NSDC) Alexei Danilov, the authorities do not consider scenarios of "military return" of the Crimea
All progress on ensuring stability in the world is under threat largely because of the egocentrism of Western countries headed by the USA. This was the leitmotif of the speeches of the foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Lavrov in Geneva
The Russians will be able to sell the property which is in pledge at Bank, at the best possible price. The corresponding bill submitted to the Duma
The Chinese authorities have warned that the timing of the incubation period of coronavirus COVID-2019 has changed
National projects differ from previous government programs and concrete goals, resources to achieve them and personal liability of executors. This was stated by the President of Russia in the third series of an interview with TASS
The making unfounded accusations on the "Russian theme" becomes a bad American political tradition, says the statement of the Russian Embassy in the United States. This approach harms the relations between the two countries, said the diplomats
The reason for the difficulties in relations between Russia and Ukraine are external factors, we need to stop supporting "party of war" in Kiev, and the conflict itself will cease. This was stated by Senator Konstantin Kosachev
In the state Duma Committee on state construction and legislation, has received 266 amendments to the Constitution, and taking into account the proposals in the Working group - about 600. How's the work on the amendments to the Basic law of the country, "RG" said Pavel Krasheninnikov
The fire inspectors in the past year has written 62 thousand fines totaling 1.1 billion rubles. About it reports a press-service of EMERCOM of Russia. It is noted that in 2012 the amount of the fines amounted to almost 5 billion rubles
In the Moscow Museum of modern art on Gogol Boulevard (in two adjacent buildings) opened two exhibitions — artists-spouses Igor Novikov and Tatyana Nazarenko. Despite the fact that each of the authors works in his well recognizable manner, between projects "Exit" (Novikov) and "Future in the past" (Nazarenko) a lot in common. In the first place — in view of the history of Russia. He is pessimistic, while in tune with the present.
In the near future can be held a new round of negotiations between Moscow and Ankara on the situation in Idlib province. This was stated by Russian foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, adding that Russia will do everything that the region has become a fully functioning area of de-escalation
In the leadership of the FBI said that Russia and China are interested in weakening the USA, and Moscow focus more on "political decay" of Washington and Beijing on economic.
Each of us regularly brings balance their income and expenses. And happily rubbing his hands and shyly hides his eyes. What do we know about wages and unemployment in Russia? Rosstat regularly reports that the unemployment rate is low, but average wages in real terms, i.e. taking into account the growth of prices, is constantly growing. So, good all around, and if you have not, then he is guilty. But not so simple.
Housing on the secondary market are often cheaper than new buildings. But the risks to the buyer, more. Especially if the seller is a family with young children. How not to remain without an apartment and without money, explained the Supreme court
In China, a vaccine is developed, which showed effectiveness against the coronavirus, said Chinese Ambassador to Russia Zhang Hongwei
The first cases of coronavirus in Europe appeared a few weeks ago, now in the Old world had a hearth Covid-19. In the Apennines, the government announced emergency measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Italy acquired the dubious laurels of the third (after China and South Korea) countries for the dissemination of new dangerous diseases. The number of people infected in the Italian North has already exceeded 200 people. Quarantine, closed the city, cancellation of mass events – all of this had to face the Italians. And the attack of the disease has led to the first victims.
The former commander of the elite units of the Georgian army "Avaza", General Tristan of Tsitelashvili made a sensational statement on air of the Ukrainian TV channel ZIK, when he was asked to tell details about the events on the Maidan in February 2014, when there are unknown snipers shot dead 53 people
Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on social policy Elena Bibikova spoke about the situations in which the person's pension may be less. This happens, for example, if it turns out that when her appointment was a mistake. Because of this error pension accrual may be increased
While Chinese authorities are reporting the capture of a situation with epidemic of a new type of coronavirus under control, more and more news about the infection dangerous infection comes from different parts of the world. This has a negative impact on moods of participants of global financial markets, fearing the possibility of a significant slowdown in the global economy.
The ceremony was attended by Mikhail Mishustin, speakers of the Federation Council and the state Duma Valentina Matvienko
The Senator appreciated the message of the Pentagon that the United States conducted a "small" exercises in case of nuclear attack on Europe by Russia
Moscow and Ankara have expressed their commitment to the previously reached agreements on Syria
About the Russian leader said in a conversation with Erdogan
He reminded that Vladimir Putin is only the beginning of his new term as President
The Moscow city Duma Chairman Alexei Shaposhnikov noted that amendments to Federal legislation to establish uniform terms for Parking
The representative of the Kremlin did not want to talk about worst-case scenarios
The official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry has described the situation there "a monstrous dehumanization of civil society"
The leaders discussed the situation in Syria and Libya
The Russian foreign Ministry called politically engaged act court of Appeal the Hague

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