USA under the guise of helping supply fighters in the refugee camp

According to coordinating staff, in “Rukmani” are about 13.5 thousand people, including more than 6 thousand fighters and their families. The rest do not leave the camp because of the “horror stories” that circulate members the Americans controlled the gangs. They told the refugees that the home they were allegedly waiting for the outrage of the Syrian authorities. “At the same time the American side cynically seeks to exploit the situation with the spread of the coronavirus and putting pressure on the UN to supply tools for diagnosis of infection in the refugee camp “of Lukban” bring it “humanitarian” goods to feed controlled by the militants, the statement of the Interdepartmental coordinating staff. – At the same time the so-called “camp administration” with the filing of his American supervisors is stepping up outreach campaign to attract world attention to the critical situation of local residents and the need for urgent international assistance to prevent a “humanitarian disaster”.

In the coordinating headquarters are confident that the humanitarian problems “Roksana” – a consequence of the illegal occupation of this part of Syria by the USA. At the same time, Moscow and Damascus were taken, and will continue to take all necessary measures for the speedy liberation and evacuation of refugees under the control of Assad government territory, in their homes. “All the commitments in the framework of the UN plan to evacuate the remaining refugees from the “Roksana” Russia and Syria have been fully implemented, and further attempts to justify its inaction on the part of States and humanitarian agencies of the UN consider unreasonable”, – reads the statement of the coordinating headquarters.

Photo: Mikhail Voskresensky / RIA Novosti Syrian “mini-TOS” again got on the photo

it was recalled that, for every Syrian who wants to leave the refugee camp, the door is always open. For their worthy host all the necessary conditions. And when you exit the US-controlled area of al-TANF people is guaranteed to provide humanitarian, medical and social assistance. Moreover, the Syrian government is prepared to test all output from “Ruksana” for the presence of coronavirus in the case of detection of infected to organize their admission and treatment. “The reluctance of the American side to exert influence on the militants under their control to ensure the smooth departure of people from the camp and the safe operation of the representatives of the humanitarian agencies in the occupied area of the al-TANF, a clear proof that the true intention of the United States against “Ruksana” is the interest in maintaining a “pipeline” for training extremists used to maintain trouble spots in Syria – said in the headquarters of the coordinating.

the Only solution to the humanitarian problem of refugees “Roksana”, guaranteeing the return of ordinary Syrians to normal life in their homes, where they find the final dissolution of the camp, the withdrawal of U.S. troops from the occupied area of the al-TANF and transfer of territory under the control of the legitimate government of Syria.