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The majority of citizens has passed in a mode of self-isolation and remained at home, but there are people who continue to be at the forefront. Talking about couriers and postmen. How has their work these days - see the article "RG"
From March 28 to suspend the work of the Russian resort areas. This is done in order to stop the spread of the coronavirus in the country. On the early closing of the season already announced the ski base
Poland has extradited to Russia a co-owner and entertainment centre "Winter cherry" Vyacheslav Vishnevsky. At Home he is accused of bribing the official of state supervision. Earlier, Wisniewski was declared in the international search
Many schools of Russia because of the coronavirus on March 16, moving to distance learning. The parents decide to lead a child to school or not. But who will watch the kids? Parents also need to go to work
The Russian regions of coronavirus restrict the conduct of sports, cultural, entertainment and even educational events. Aside from these prohibitions is Belgorod oblast
The regions continue to introduce a special regime against the spread of coronavirus. Among the measures not only bans. Hoteliers, for example, were allowed to book seats for tourists from dangerous countries. But with one condition
It is six times lowered taxes, and the Kuzbass will be a new emblem. Children of doctors out of turn will be in kindergarten. Appears the rules for stray dogs. "RG" is the most interesting regional laws March

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