As postmen carry letters along with the stew, bread and candy

the Schedule of work of postmen in spite of the difficult situation of coronavirus has not changed. For many people in our country, the postman is not just the person who brings letters or a newspaper, says Deputy Director of “Mail of Russia” for operational management and retail trade Mikhail Volkov. Today postmen help to stay at home those who are at particular risk for pensioners. They bring pensions, products that can help to pay utility bills without leaving home, and of course to support and reassure. In this situation, their work is particularly important.

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this week, announced after hours, many postmen will walk each day on their routes. “Of course, we continue to work, – has confirmed “the Russian newspaper” the postman of Azov Natalia Tsymbal. – Mail as necessary as the police or hospital. Most of our wards – older people. Many hardly go out of the house. And the postman for them – the only connection with the outside world. When asking, and the products for them to buy. Stew, eggs squash. Washing powder. Medical mask. So we live on.”

proven procedure of such a service in the Vologda region. The person is calling on mail and make a reservation. In the Department make up a special form. And already the postman working in this direction, delivers the goods to the resident. As reported by the Director of the office of the Federal postal service (AFPS) in the Vologda region Tatiana Dearing, more than 80 percent of carriers offer this service. Help lonely residents in these difficult days. In the field of work 658 post offices, of which 555 in rural areas.

Groceries are not less than 80% thenMSCI postmen. For the elderly, are at risk, such assistance was of great help. The “Puccini” bring their wards special forms. In the small catalogue list of the commodities – tea, sugar, cereals, canned goods, pasta, candy, washing powder, soap, shampoo, antiseptic.

In Siberia for the residents of the taiga postmen not only bring food, but the medicine will buy, the news will tell and even pressure measure

“If necessary, the postman leaves a phone number and anyone can call at a convenient time and place an order”, – told “RG” the representative of UFPS Tomsk region Olga Minenkova.

And that’s not all. In Siberia for many residents of remote taiga villages of the postman – and even a nurse, and a radio. She and the news will tell, and even pressure will be measured in case.

In the Omsk Siberian village Fir Galina Yermolov postman delivers parcels and pensions on homemade swamp buggies. Otherwise can’t get there. And in the village Keplerova cut off from the land of the two rivers, the postman Galina Aglyamova many years helps compatriots in any difficult situation. In warm three times a week in any weather this fearless woman runs a motorboat along the Irtysh river. The villagers brought letters, food, clothes. In the winter she gets on a horse on the roads, which he has never cleaned. Sometimes digging it out of drifts together with the horse, remembering the villagers.

Photo: RIA Novosti Mishustin: Steps of Moscow – the continuation of the policy for combating coronavirus

and today, in the days of coronavirus infection, postmen are at risk not less. Rather, I would risk if I didn’t follow the precautions. According to the staff email at work they were given masks, gloves, disinfectants, instructed how to comply with security measures. Now they count money with gloves and mask, do not overstep the threshold of the apartment.

However, some mail carriers still had to leave work. Temporarily. Nearly a hundred elderly “of pismenosti” in Yekaterinburg turned out to be at risk due to the coronavirus. “With everyone we spoke to most painless to solve the issue of a temporary suspension of work. Health risk is not worth it. Later, they will return to work, – explained correspondent “RG” Natalia Artemieva, head of corporate communications Department of macro-region Ural Federal state unitary enterprise “Mail of Russia”. Instead of employees aged on the line out of their younger colleagues, who used to take letters and parcels. And Samara postmen do not fall into the risk group, work has increased. In addition to duties at Olga Zatravkin the mailman in a very large village of Russia, Kinel ‘ -Cherkassy and her colleagues, there were other obligations to the villagers. Last year postal workers took part in regional project and for several months kept diaries of the health of its customers-pensioners. So now they have the habit of closely looking out for lonely grandmothers. Not sick are they? But while, FIE-FIE-FIE, in the village all is quiet.


More than 250 truck with commodities, social prices went over the weekend on villages and settlements of the Kemerovo region.

The “anti-virus” action and joined a businessman from Kemerovo Andrey Sobol. He has his own meat processing plant. Planned to work with 10 to 12 hours, but was delayed until 16. Buyers are walked and walked. Than to go into town for food, risking to catch an infection, it is better to buy everything you need within a few steps from the house.

“We brought a wide range of products: meat, sausages, bakery products, milk, butter, cereals, – said Andrey “RG”. – Sell not only their own, but the fact that we buy from local farmers. Everything is fresh, and the prices are lower than the provincial market. Trade without surcharge”.

Among the regular customers of the mobile shop and service staff social service to lonely elderly people and persons with disabilities. Collect orders in the wards and went straight to the mobile shop.

Regional Department for consumer market development and entrepreneurship to monitor the work truck daily. Routes mobile outlets, range and quality of goods are adjusted based on the needs of the residents, who welcomed the “hot line”.

the Expert Institute of sociological research has included the Kuzbass initiative in the list of best regional practices on countering COVID-19.

Prepared Yulia Potapova