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Intervention by Leo Tolstoy in this story has led to two consequences. First, the ordinary name was saved from oblivion: the complete works of classics it is mentioned 22 times. Second, we began to look at the case of private Shabunina the eyes of the writer
In St. Petersburg will be held the 4th festival of military-historical movement "REKON". What you will see at the festival and how to participate, says the correspondent of "RG"
For the 75th anniversary of the Victory over Nazism Germany is preparing to pass the Russian state military archive copies of personal files of Soviet citizens who found themselves in German captivity. It is expected that the ceremony will be held at the end of April
To the 75-th anniversary of the great Victory in the territory of the temple complex in the Park "Patriot" will open an amazing multimedia Museum: it will be possible not only to read the names of soldiers, but also to see their faces
20 years ago, in the Staropromyslovsky district of Grozny was shot by a convoy of riot police from Moscow, Sergiev Posad. Killed 21 police officer. His point of view was presented by the widow of the commander of the detachment of Love Markelov in her written book, which was the result of her investigation
220 years ago was born the great Russian poet Evgeny Boratynsky. "Where grow great poets? Where do they come from? These questions are not so easy to answer. But in the case of Boratynsky is just simple. He was born and raised in the wonderful, rare and perhaps even unique to the family," says Yury Lepsky
On the first day of spring celebrate the world day of civil defense. That meant civil defense in the last century and what to do if the disaster happens in our days, read in the material "RG"
At the Studio "Lenfilm" will have a bas-relief character in the movie "go To fight some "old men", played by the participant of the great Patriotic war, honored artist Alexei Smirnov. February 28 from the date of his birth is 100 years old
The theme of the February selections prepared in the framework of the project "Lived with the Homeland", dedicated to the amazing day that only happens every four years. But how much can this "extra" day to catch!
On 8 March 1942 around 22.30 commander of the 16th army of the Western front Konstantin Rokossovsky went to the headquarters to sign the documents. Bent over sitting at the table chief of staff Mikhail Malinin. At this point right outside the window the shell exploded, the shrapnel flew into the room and hit the back Rokossovsky
On the last day of winter, February 29, Fedor Abramov would have turned 100 years old. Countryman of the writer and literary critic has told about the life of a representative of "village prose" in the province
Despite the fact that February 29 only happens every four years, in the history of our country this day due to many historical events - from Peter the great's decree about Foundation of the city of Biysk to the liberation of Novorzhev and 310 settlements of the Pskov region and the fatal wounding of General Vatutin
Since the beginning of the war letters sent to the front to the number of field mail, the military unit number and surname, name, patronymic of the addressee. September 5, 1942, open the name of a part has been replaced by a conditional number of APO
During the war, was delivered 10.7 billion letters, 22.9 million parcels 63.9 billion copies of printed materials. Forwarding of correspondence was provided free of charge
Few people know that artist Alexander Laktionov depicted in the famous painting "letter from the front" real people. And it was created this masterpiece in the walls of the Trinity Sergius Lavra, gun niche which during the war was converted into a hostel
Before the war, our country was called the most reading in the world. In the war it became the most writing. During the four years of the great Patriotic postmen delivered 10.7 billion letters. Triangles, postcards, antitheft...
In Voronezh, the building of the post office installed the world's only monument to the front the postman. Bronze soldier with a rifle over his shoulder walks to their destinations. With his left hand he is holding puffy bag, on the right is a cherished triangles, fabulous joy for the people in the war
"The war is over. Many have grief, killed husbands, sons, fathers. I survived. Not far the day when I get home. However, too many of my years had more grey hair...". Trench truth war many years collecting in the village Museum kindergarten teacher
April 7, 1919, after receiving news of the approach to the Crimea, troops of the red army, the former Dowager Empress Maria Feodorovna on the English military ship "Marlborough" left Russia. Until the last days of the mother of the executed Nicholas II believed that his son is alive
In the late Soviet regime "leap year" was pretty important mythological concept. There was a group of "Leap year," was a novel, if I'm not mistaken, a Soviet writer, anyway... About the extra day of the year reflects journalist, writer and publisher Boris Minaev
Karpunina, the artist angelina was kolonizirali photos of the siege of Leningrad in memory of their loved ones and to help current students feel the atmosphere of those years. Even with very delicate and muted complement the color turned out impressively
Russia and Serbia are preparing to scale to mark the 75th anniversary of the great Victory over fascism. Moscow and Belgrade have discussed prospects of establishment of the Institute for the protection of historical memory
Aaron Schneier, historian and author of books about the Second world war. His work "the Profession of death. Training camp of the SS "herbalists" was presented last year at the red square. Schneier told RG about his attitude to this tragedy and the brutality index

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