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The Ministry of education allow for the possibility of transferring part of state exams at universities in 2020 in the online format in order to prevent coronavirus. For example, the Department is now in pilot mode fulfills the new service "go to College online"
The Ministry of education to pilot test new service "go to College online", said the Minister Valeriy Falkov. "The main innovation using the portal of public Services, it will be possible to send the documents to the University and to act," he said
The Ministry of education allows for the possibility of transferring part of state exams at universities in 2020 in the online format in order to prevent coronavirus. About this informed the head of Department Valery Falkov
How to make online lessons for students were clearly and constructively, and how to prepare the workplace? Tips for proper organization of the educational process online gave expert on digital technologies in education Maria Lebedeva
Already more than 850 million school children around the world forced to due to the coronavirus to switch to online learning. Russian schools remote system has to run for the first time. How quickly teachers will learn digital platform and survive if the load of the electronic diary in the "RG"
More than 80 percent of Russian universities have already moved to distance learning for a week after recommendation of the Ministry of education. But 4 per cent of universities are not ready to educational virtual reality - they have no stable relationships and proven technologies
The online format, according to experts in digital education, takes nerves and energy, but improves efficiency. Head of the laboratory of innovative means of teaching the Russian language from the Pushkin Institute Maria Lebedeva explained why this is so
Ministry of education prepared a draft decree on the temporary order of maintenance of educational programs using e-learning and distance technologies. "RG" found that will allow schools and colleges, if the document is adopted
The highest salary on the Russian labor market - a reality. In an obvious win now - graduates of medical schools. Especially those who studied on a budget. But there are a few "buts", experts say
The deadline for the all-Russian Olympiad postponed for two months until June 30. Only in the final stage of the plan to attend about 5,600 students. Check the work will be in Moscow, but the participants don't need to leave your city
The first week of the experiment, "As I was lecturing on quarantine" is coming to an end. Lecturer at Moscow state pedagogical University and a member of the jury of the Pushkin competition "RG" Irina mursak summed up the interim results of the work online
In 68 Russian regions confirmed their willingness to free feed the children a hot Breakfast with the new school year. But only in 23 of them this has all ready. The rest will have to hurry up with the solution to the problem
Due to the complex epidemiological situation many Olympiad finals moved or changed their formats on the remote. For example, the final stages of the Olympiad "Lomonosov", "conquer the Sparrow hills" is transferred for an indefinite period
The Ministry of education has issued guidelines for the regions on the transition of technical schools and colleges at online learning. "RG" publishes step by step instructions
Ministry of education has developed and submitted to the regions guidelines on the implementation of educational programs using e-learning. March 23, all Russian schools are switching to vacation mode or distance learning
From March 21 across the country, students will stay home on unscheduled holidays, or distance learning. A few of these weeks are a great opportunity for busy adults to spend time with children and teach them something useful. "RG" has prepared a selection of useful online services
Volga research medical University celebrates centenary. This University has produced outstanding physicians Blokhin, Queen, Trapeznikova. On the brightest pages in the history of the University - in the article "WG"
Coronavirus stumped not only physicians and scientists working on a vaccine against new infections, but also teachers, who immediately wrote it down in the exceptions to rules of Russian language
Already more than 850 million children and students, approximately half of all students in the world unable to attend school or universities because of the pandemic coronavirus. "The scale and speed of closing schools, universities - is a unique challenge for the education sector," said UNESCO
Ministry of education recommended that school from March 23 to go on a three-week vacation, or to introduce distance learning. In addition, those who gathered early to pass the exam, will be forced to do it in the summer. Will move and the timing of school Olympiads
The Ministry of defense of Russia took a decision to adjust the curricula of all military colleges. This step is necessary to protect the cadets from infection with novel coronavirus infection
Transfer main stage of the exam is not planned. This was stated by acting head of Rosobrnadzor Anzor Muzaev. "We have a large supply of confidence before conducting the main wave of the exam in June any longer will not have to change", - he told
On the early stage of the exam created 32 thousand people, mostly graduates of previous years. They will be able to take the exam in June - in the main period, in his reserve days. This was reported by the acting head of Rosobrnadzor Anzor Muzaev
Schools across the country are switching to free mode visit, and in some regions - and is closing in. Institute of education, HSE has produced a useful step-by-step advice cards on what to do for teachers and school principals
Ministry of education and the Ministry of education recommended transfer students for distance learning. "RG" has collected interesting and useful digital services - with free access and high quality educational content
The following year, the Ministry of education of the Russian Federation will offer the colleges the three models of development: a complex, resource-and distribution industry. As these models have been implemented in the colleges of Moscow region, told "RG" the Minister of education MO Irina Kalugina
NRC has offered to provide parents of children up to 14 years of sick leave for the duration of the quarantine in the schools. The Committee noted that this measure will allow parents to provide adequate care for children while they are at home
Many schools in the regions moved to free visits and some entirely on distance learning. The correspondent "RG" was checked, how was the first day of the schoolboys in the new environment and what are the concerns of their parents.
Online lessons should be different from the offline training, said head of the Department of literature OANO "New school" Sergey Volkov. Now have a unique opportunity to organize a child's education, giving him the tools and means of activity, he said
"Total dictation - 2020" postponed to autumn. He had to go on 4 April, the capital stock in 2020 is selected Saint-Petersburg. A new date will be known on March 25
What is the nature of the Russian "middle class", its main psychological traits? Now as far as material success depends on education? Where did the widespread narcissism? About this "RG" said the psychologist Olga mahovsky
The proportion of gifted children today is variously estimated at 2-5%. About whether it is possible to predict a child's success in life, and what determines the talent of the child, the researchers said at the Institute of education development HSE
Surveys have shown which specialties people of different generations considered the most prestigious and popular
Before the revolution, women were prevented from listening to University lectures, but only as an exception and without the ability to pass exams and get a diploma. The requirement of equality for women education was the leading one of the first slogans of the women's movement
What skills and abilities should give the modern school? What character traits are especially valuable in the 21st century? The HSE researchers have provided practical recommendations for teachers and offered to conduct lessons in the new
In March-April, the schools will be testing one of the most difficult subjects - the Russian language. RG prepared the test based on questions from an open database FIPI that you check your knowledge
Tech giants, banks and other large companies are moving employees to work from home. The reason is the global spread of the virus COVID-19. Experts welcome this decision, as in modern communication systems there is a great need in permanent presence of employees in office
Solemn rewarding of students who became winners of competition "Mission possible. Your calling - the financier!", went to "the Russian newspaper". Fought for the victory of the students from 84 regions, eight participants managed to become the best in two and more subjects
In the development plans of the centre "Sirius" - the establishment of the University, scientific laboratory and subsequent implementation of development in the industrial Park. This was stated by President Vladimir Putin in the ninth series of video interviews TASS
The Russian language Elitsa I. teaching Russian language in different Serbian schools for 44 years. And now works in the circle at Economic-trade school in the city of Vranje. During this time the teacher many times had to fight for the position of the Russian language
Global research Agency QS released the results of the subjects ' rankings of the best universities in the world. In the top 50 there were 9 programs of Russian universities, among them five from MSU. Lomonosov
Russia has never had colonies like those of Britain or France. Since the conquest of the Kazan khanate all included in the country areas have become its organic part. And local languages and culture - from Avar to - Sakha became part of the great Russian culture
In 2021 the Ministry of education will begin testing of training modules "Artificial intelligence". And by 2024 it will study half of all Russian schools, and in the ordinary course of the programme. This is stated in the draft roadmap for the development of artificial intelligence in Russia
In preuniversity started the admission campaign. Some of them are not only seriously prepare pupils for admission to universities or institutes, but also give them a 50 percent discount on future training in higher educational institutions. For universities, such schools are able to attract motivated students
Primary schools provide healthy hot meals due to budget. "RG" publishes the law which requires to feed the children from 1st to 4 th grade at least once during the school day
To celebrate the 225th anniversary of Alexander Pushkin "Pushkin House" will digitize your handwritten Fund on the basis of which is created the educational resource "Pushkin digital". The plans include restoration of the Museum of A. S. Pushkin in Gurzuf
In Bucharest summed up the international mathematical Olympiad, Romanian Masters. The competition involved children from more than one hundred countries. The Russian team won five gold medals and became the first in the team standings
FIPI has developed guidance for schools, how many points OGE students of the ninth grade can take specialized sophomore year. According to the usual gradations is four-plus. What is the point to go to the relevant class, read in the material "RG"
Russian students take gold medals in all competitions. However, the country has about 20% of underachieving children. "Many schools don't understand that the main task - to take the top places in various rankings, and to help each child", - says the honored teacher of Russia Evgenie Amber
Jobs OGE-2020 a lot of changes. The main thing - to be able to use the knowledge to solve practical problems, to find information in the text to substantiate the solution of the problem, to understand its practical use. "RG" has prepared five tips to graduates of the ninth classes

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