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The passage of the first commuter train Kerch - Anapa on the Crimean bridge were removed from the copter. Rail bus RA-2 with a capacity of 590 passengers was swept under the arches of the bridge at speeds up to 100 kilometers per hour, overtaking some cars
From the railway station Kerch solemnly went to the first flight rail bus to Anapa. Only commuter trains between Crimea and Kuban has already sold more than 400 tickets
In Yaroslavl region there was a fire at a confectionery factory in the village of Verigovo. According to emergency services, warehouses lit up with chocolates. There were no injuries on the spot continue to work with the emergency services
Today, in 14 hours 38 minutes by train to Kerch will start its first flight to Anapa rail train RA-2. On March 7 he will regularly run between the Peninsula and the mainland
Moscow Central diameters inspired College student computing Andrey Lazarev on the development of the project for the city rail network passenger buses. Countrymen and the railroad supported him
In the Sakhalin region conducted training on the prevention of dangerous diseases. It is included in the plan of prevention of the situation with coronavirus. According to legend, the three passengers arrived in the city in serious condition
The government directed to support every family with three children over a million rubles. This was stated by President Vladimir Putin at a meeting with Ivanovo public
Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmyhal believes that Ukraine needs to pump water to the Crimea. It is about water for people's needs and humanitarian responsibility, and not about business or trade
The working man is the basis of prosperity of any state and noted it in the Main law of Russia absolutely necessary. This was expressed by President Vladimir Putin at a meeting with Ivanovo public
The candidates tournament for the chess crown will kick off in Yekaterinburg on March 16. The twelfth world champion of Soviet and Russian chess grandmaster Anatoly Karpov has told "RG" about the upcoming competition
On the island tourists there is a new fun - Park to see the ice pieces. There is also a logo "RG", which became the main informational sponsor of the first on the island festival "Olkhon Ice Fest"
At the Novosibirsk airport Tolmachevo safely landed a passenger plane A320 from Vladivostok. The same anonymous messages in droves today are with other Russian airports.
SK the Russian Federation took under goszaschitu one of the leaders of the gang Tsapkov - Vyacheslav Tsepovyaz. He is considered as one of the witnesses in the ex-leadership of the Amur colony. Retirement in IR were associated with the scandalous "peers" convicted
Passenger liner A-320 was carrying out flight Moscow - Omsk, landed safely at the destination airport. Only when the plane gained altitude, I received an anonymous message about the mining side
The cause of the explosion in a military unit of the Pechenga district of the Murmansk region was a flagrant violation of security requirements. As a result of incident has suffered five soldiers have been hospitalised.
The house of the veterans suing in Novosibirsk with their guests. And intends to pay them from 233 to 500 thousand rubles. And the veterans just want to eat normal food and not to overpay for unnecessary services
The Ministry of resorts and tourism of Crimea declared reduction of prices on vacation in hotels and resorts in 2020. Accommodation for holidays in may became cheaper by 18 percent compared to the 2019 year and in the high holiday season - six percent
If Switzerland will not be able to take the world hockey championship because of the outbreak of coronavirus, the tournament can be moved to Sochi and Belarus. These scenarios considers the international ice hockey Federation, said its President Rene Fasel
To go to work many miles from home is becoming a trend in the Russian labour market. The highest wages to shift workers offer employers in Irkutsk - on average, 82 thousand roubles
Convicted ex-head of the Secretariat of the Sakhalin region Governor Vyacheslav Gorbachev. For receiving bribes in especially large size the court sentenced him to imprisonment for seven years and ten months probation
Passenger airliner taking off from Novosibirsk to Moscow, returned to Tolmachevo airport after triggering the sensor to malfunction. Onboard there were 97 passengers and six crew members
A plane flying from Chelyabinsk to Moscow made an unscheduled landing in Kazan. The reason was the sharp deterioration of health of one of the passengers: he had a heart attack
In the near future the forest industry will face major changes: revision of Strategy of the forest complex, the return of the state forest protection, new mechanisms for the implementation of the wood, legislative innovations. As stated by Vice-Premier of Victoria Abramchenko, the industry needs new guidelines
Anna Polaskova - a single mom with two children - first year goes through the courts, proving his right to purchase in Krasnodar the house in shared Park. the yard. Creates problems for her neighbor, flaunt ties to law enforcement and judicial authorities
The Average volcano, which is located near the village of Keys Ust-Kamchatsky district, covered a layer of ash after the eruption of the Klyuchevskoy volcano. The height of the emissions has reached six kilometers
In Russia Strategy of development of the forest industry, with the goal of creating a full - fledged cost-effective forestry. In particular, it will create a unified information system "Forests of Russia", which will combine the databases of the forest Department, Ministry of internal Affairs, Federal customs service and the tax
It is six times lowered taxes, and the Kuzbass will be a new emblem. Children of doctors out of turn will be in kindergarten. Appears the rules for stray dogs. "RG" is the most interesting regional laws March
The mayor of Yakutsk Sardana avksenteva has suggested a regional tax in respect of the dog owners. In her opinion, the money collected could be directed to support the animals left without owners. However, some believe that to instill a responsible attitude to Pets it will not help
Investigators released video of the arrest of the Deputy chief of Rosselkhoznadzor for the Irkutsk region and Buryatia Vladimir Zhuravlev. During the searches of the defendants was discovered money and drugs
20 years ago, in the Staropromyslovsky district of Grozny was shot by a convoy of riot police from Moscow, Sergiev Posad. Killed 21 police officer. His point of view was presented by the widow of the commander of the detachment of Love Markelov in her written book, which was the result of her investigation
In the Irkutsk region arrested the Deputy head of the regional Rosselkhoznadzor. The official received from the individual businessman a bribe of 160 thousand rubles
The Russians, who are looking for work, more often, in addition to Russian, speak Tatar, Bashkir and Chuvash language. While employers rarely prescribed in the job requirement knowledge of the languages of the peoples of Russia
In Sevastopol, the court declared wanted by the patient infectious diseases hospital. After a trip to China the girl was in quarantine for the coronavirus, but left the medical facility
In a helicopter crash near Astrakhan man was killed. The accident occurred in Narimanov district of the region, bordering on the Astrakhan. The causes of the accident are still unknown
Institute of solar-terrestrial physics will be forced to freeze the project aimed at forecasting of earthquakes, floods, and fires. Part of the money he gave to the Federal Fund. In the region - refused
In some regions of Russia in early March, the average temperatures will be above normal. The average temperature exceeds the climatic norm by 5-10 degrees. Record increases to 12 degrees expected in Taimyr and Yakutia
In Russia on average one square meter in new buildings costs of construction companies in 50290 rubles, but in reality sold for 54250. But there are regions where builders are selling flats at a loss
Animaloterapiya will be trained in the Donskoy state technical University. They are specialists in the treatment of diseases in adults and children with the involvement of animals. DSTU is the first University in Russia which will be engaged in training staff of a similar profile
February 27 comes into force, the ILO conventions on social standards. Professor of the Financial Academy Alexander Safonov has told "RG" on some positions we have already surpassed the world, and where you have to work hard
The FSB has published a video with investigative actions in the criminal case against two teenagers in Saratov. Students admitted in preparation of an attack on a school in the city
In Saratov employees of FSB have detained two teenagers. The students were going to attack the school, armed with a sawed-off hunting rifles and improvised Molotov cocktails
Official investigation on the fact of abuse of a child in kindergarten instructed to hold the mayor of Birobidzhan Alexander Golovaty. Earlier media reported that the preschool teacher taped a kid's mouth shut with duct tape. She did it so that he didn't scream
In "the Russian newspaper" premiered videoknigi "Read Abramov. Brothers and sisters". The participants of the event noted: we must turn to the writer constantly, not only in connection with the anniversary. The theme of the North of the country has become one of the main presentations
The Sochi mayor's office began checking on the fact that the video in which the teacher of the school № 27 in the Adler district demanded money from students for cleaning the classes. And in this video the teacher refers to the class in a loud voice
The constitutional court admitted the discrepancies when filling out the questionnaire on the competition position of the state or municipal employee, despite the fact that the application of a single sample. The reason for checking the provisions of the law "On municipal service in the Russian Federation" was the complaint of the inhabitant of Chuvashia
In Perm Krai Prosecutor's office started the investigation after the publication of the video, which the paramedics dragged the patient on the pavement before the ambulance. As noted in the Supervisory Agency, the team of physicians made a breach in the provision of emergency
Ukrainian fishermen detained in the Azov sea for poaching, released from prison in Kerch after serving administrative arrest. Complaints about conditions they never said
Omsk regional court has sentenced the mother and stepfather, eight-year-old boy forced to spend hours kneeling on the buckwheat. They received a prison sentence for intentional infliction of harm to the child
In Kazan in the Tatar theater of Opera and ballet. Jalil has completed the international Opera festival. Chaliapin, who for the first time in many years passed without the final gala concert "world Opera stars" and premiere performances, restricting only concert performance of "La Boheme" Puccini

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