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The main infectious diseases of the Stavropol territory became the figurant of criminal case about negligence. A woman infected with coronavirus after trip to Madrid, ignoring the quarantine and went to work
VII TRANS-Siberian art festival opened on March 21, in Novosibirsk. The next concerts are planned in Novosibirsk and Akademgorodok in the period up to 31 March. Events involving foreign artists moved presumably in September
In spring and summer air temperature in all regions of the country will be around or above normal, said the scientific Director of the hydrometeorological center Roman Vilfand. September is so far the forecasters are quite inhomogeneous month
In the Baksan district of Kabardino-Balkaria during the RAID eliminated three militants. As reported in the National anti-terrorist Committee, they had discovered a ready to use explosive devices and components to them
A passenger plane EN route from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk to Yuzhno-Kurilsk, forced back to the point of departure. On Board the aircraft were 38 passengers and four crew members. The causes of PE are still unknown
Luxembourg midfielder football club "Ufa" Olivier thill was taken to hospital with suspected coronavirus infection. All players and team personnel transferred to the isolation
Experts - analysts of the markets of meat, milk, fish, vegetables and grains - has told, how will change the prices in the near future. And what is the factor influence the situation of the pandemic coronavirus
"Rossiyskaya Gazeta" published an essay Elena Pavlova from the newspaper "Amurskaya Pravda" - the information partner "RG". This is the story of 90-year-old Yakov Yakovlevich Davydenko awarded with seven orders and medals. The last four years, he huddles in winter the kitchen in anticipation of the renovation of the house
In Stavropol the police were interested in a woman infected with coronavirus. It is known that infectious disease physician and Professor at the medical University after a trip to Spain instead of self-isolation continued to go to work
The Internet is filled with tips on how to survive the pandemic COVID-19. They were studied by the correspondent "RG". She is in quarantine and knows the situation from within. It turns out, first and foremost, need to stop panic. To do so
Two dozen homes are included in the online register of unauthorized constructions, which had been launched on the website "Roskapstroy". Applications were submitted for about two thousand. The most problematic region was Krasnodar Krai. Due to the demolition of illegally constructed buildings could lose their housing tens of thousands of families
"RG" verified that in the regions lying on the shelves in food stores. And whether there is a deficiency. It turned out that the peak of the panic demand for coronavirus subsides. And trade is taking measures to not happen again
In 2019, the Internet scammers and hackers have stolen from the residents and businessmen of the Rostov region for almost 500 million rubles. Was nine thousand cybercrimes
The FSB has published a video of the detention of members of conspiratorial cells in the Russian Federation banned international terrorist organization "ISIS". The accomplices of the militants was identified in the regions
Coronavirus infection in second cases in Novosibirsk found after repeated tests. Clinical manifestations of the disease she never showed up. However, without symptoms, as a rule, the tests do not take
In Crimea and Sevastopol, there are no confirmed mers patients, but measures of increased readiness have already been taken. You need to be ready for any development of events, said President Vladimir Putin to the heads of these regions
The interior Ministry has implemented new examination: it is now possible to highlight and preserve the unique scent left by man on the scene. Thanks to this technique have been actively disclosed to the crimes, where, it seemed, all the ends have already been lost
The inhabitant of the Amur region will appear before court for spreading false information about the coronavirus. The woman spread false information that two foreign builders local plant allegedly found threat infection
Theatre. Vakhtangov plans to create and open in Vladikavkaz, the home of its founder Director, the House-Museum of Eugene Vakhtangov. Why is it important, tell the managers and performers of the theatre
In Ufa starts the production of reusable medical masks of gauze. And in Penza has released the first batch of masks from a special fabric. They can be washed and ironed several times a day to preserve the barrier effect
For 11 days of self-isolation of the correspondent "RG" after Italy, her apartment turned into a real call center. The most frequent question readers: "Where can I find the official complete list of the dangerous coronavirus in the country?"
The law on amendments in the Constitution allows you to postpone the date of the nationwide vote, it will happen in the case of unfavorable situation with the spread of the coronavirus. This was stated by Vladimir Putin in the Crimea
Film festival "Won together" will take place in Sevastopol for the 16th time. This year it is dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the great Victory. Director Vladimir Menshov told the "Union", what will his participation in the festival
The inclusion in the Constitution of social security will make it impossible for the legislative "tricks" that allowed to circumvent these requirements. This was stated by Russian President Vladimir Putin. He pointed to the need to "reveal the social character of the state"
The first competition day of the tournament contenders for the world crown in Ekaterinburg brought two decisive games and two draw. Victories won with the black pieces played Ian Nepomniachtchi and Wang Hao
March 18, residents of Crimea commemorated the sixth anniversary of the Day of reunification with Russia. In all the cities of the Peninsula have passed memorable actions, though because of limitations in connection with the prevention of coronavirus mass concerts had to be cancelled
The sixth anniversary of the reunification of the Peninsula with the Russian President arrived in the Crimea. Vladimir Putin called the health of citizens mainly in the selection of dates nationwide vote on an amendment to the Constitution and urged not to believe the fakes on the coronavirus
In 16 regions of Russia, from the Crimea to Sakhalin, has exposed a major network of underground gunsmiths. The criminal group in a large number of seized guns, machine guns, grenades and grenade launchers
March 18, 2020 - the 6th anniversary of the return of Crimea and Sevastopol to home port. In his article Vladimir Medinsky explains why Crimea historically Russian native land
The participants of the candidates tournament in 2020 after the first round, admitted that he had started the tournament poorly. Criticized even by the winners. How fair this criticism, told the grandmaster Sergey Shipov, who commented hours playing the game
Four people hospitalized after explosion of an improvised explosive device for stunning fish in the village rakivka Smolensk region. Three are in serious condition
SK the Russian Federation has renewed investigation of criminal case on the fact of theft in Liberia of Russian citizen Konstantin Yaroshenko and force him to testify. The case is in production of investigators of SK of Russia in the Rostov region
Russian festival of animated film summed up the results of work. The winner in the category "Animated series with the greatest international potential" was a Russian TV series for girls about cooking "Magic kitchen"
Nine days in voluntary isolation journalist "RG", returning from Spain. But doctors to her never arrived, the analyses did not take. And at this time in social networks is heating up passion about shopping
The championship of Russia in biathlon, which was held in Khanty-Mansiysk from March 27 until April 2, has been postponed until autumn. The tournament will be held in two stages. In November will be individual races, the results of which may be formed from the composition for the first world Cup and IBU Cup
The film "One breath" laid down the true story of the life of a multiple world champion in free diving Natalia Molchanova. About where in this picture is true and what is fiction, the editor-in-chief "Uryupinskaya Pravda" has talked with her son Alexei
The Russian book Union and the government of the Irkutsk region has announced the winners of the literary prize named Rasputin. The award ceremony will be held during the festival "Red square". The first prize was Vladimir Krupin for his book "Airtime"
Many schools of Russia because of the coronavirus on March 16, moving to distance learning. The parents decide to lead a child to school or not. But who will watch the kids? Parents also need to go to work
Despite the warm winter, winter with little snow was only in Moscow and the surrounding areas. Roshydromet has compiled a list of cities and towns, the coastal area which may be flooded during peak periods of spring floods
On Monday, Crimea marks the sixth anniversary of the referendum in which more than 95% of Crimeans were in favor of returning the Peninsula to Russian Federation. On the occasion of important dates in the Parliament held a solemn meeting and a concert
The regions continue to introduce a special regime against the spread of coronavirus. Among the measures not only bans. Hoteliers, for example, were allowed to book seats for tourists from dangerous countries. But with one condition
The Italian owners of hotels and ski resorts advise visitors from Russia, it is not too late to come home. But air traffic is suspended. And it is not clear what to do in this situation
In the "WP" has passed a press-conference dedicated to start on March 16 in Ekaterinburg the candidates tournament for the world chess crown. The competition will include eight grandmasters. The winner will earn the right to fight current world champion
Flooding of coastal parts of many settlements of Russia is possible in peak periods of spring floods. It is reported in the Roshydromet. The Department has compiled a list of places where there are situations
Extensive work in the historical part of Tula is in full swing. During the working visit the Minister of culture Olga Lyubimova looked like continuing restoration of the buildings of the Museum quarter and walked along the embankment near the walls of the Tula Kremlin
Krasnodar regional court upheld the complaint about the termination of the criminal case of Vasily Popkov orphans in the absence of his actions constitute a crime and a recognition of the right of the defendant to rehabilitation. This happened after several publications in "RG"
In the list of Rospotrebnadzor Russia there is Spain among affected countries for the virus. And the order of the mayor is. It turns out in other regions after resting in her quarantine can not sit
Basketball team "Samara" became the new owner of the Cup of Russia. In the final match volzhane have exceeded the command "Temp-SUMZ-UMMC" from the Sverdlovsk region. The game ended with the score 86:69
Showing the driver a fiver in the diary or record book, school and University students in Ulan-Ude do not pay the fare on the bus. In Bashkiria, the family budget since March may be enlarged by 250 thousand
In Russia, identified four cases of infection with coronavirus. Three of the infected are located in Lipetsk, and two of them the disease progresses without obvious symptoms. Another ill - in Saint-Petersburg. All infected have visited Italy

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