The Israeli military has allegedly struck at least two sites in Syria, including in the Damascus countryside and near villages south of Quneitra, Syrian state media reported. Only material damage was inflicted in the attacks.

Early reports indicate the strikes, launched early Wednesday morning, hit near the town of Jabal Al-Mani in a rural area around the Syrian capital, as well as the village of Ruyhaina located south of Quneitra, which straddles the border between Syria and the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. It is yet unclear what munitions were used in the attacks or whether Syrian defenses attempted to intercept them.

“The Zionist enemy launched an air strike from the direction of the occupied Syrian Golan towards southern Damascus, and the losses were limited to material,” an anonymous Syrian military source told SANA.

#BREAKING#NOW One of the sites targeted by the Israel Defense Forces is Jabal Al-Manea, south of the Syrian capital, where the mountain contains weapons depots for the Iranian Quds Force militia.#Israel#IDF#Iran#Syria

The reported attacks come less than a week after similar Israeli sorties near Damascus, which were confirmed by Tel Aviv. Military sources in Syria noted that three soldiers were lost in that round of strikes, with another wounded. The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) said the air raid was meant to rein in “Iranian entrenchment in Syria,” claiming it targeted the Iranian Quds Force, an elite military unit, as well as Syrian troops.

Though the IDF rarely confirms cross-border operations in Syria, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has previously acknowledged carrying out “hundreds” of strikes against “Iranian targets” in the neighboring country over the past decade.

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