Switzerland will stop one of the cases against the former President of FIFA

the General Prosecutor’s office of Switzerland intends to complete the inquiry into the Affairs of former FIFA President Joseph Blatter with the Caribbean football Union (CFU) on the sale of rights to broadcast the world Championships.

“We affirm that the General Prosecutor’s office of Switzerland considers the criminal investigation into partial statements of facts concerning the contractual relationship with the CFU completed and is ready for conclusion,” – said in a statement.

“the Prosecutor’s office intends to discontinue the proceedings”, – stated in the text, which does not contain reasons for the conclusion of the case.

the Swiss Federal office of justice in the fall of 2015 opened a case against who was at that time the post of FIFA President Joseph Blatter on suspicion of illegal transfer in 2011, 2 million Swiss francs Platini, who then headed the League.

Blatter Also accused of selling TV rights to the show CFU world Championships 2010 and 2014 for $ 600,000, which at the time was far below market value. Arbitration chamber of the ethics Committee of FIFA 21 Dec 2015 suspended Blatter and Platini from football for eight years.

the Appeal Committee of FIFA on 24 February 2016 has reduced the suspension of officials to six years. Blatter and Platini had appealed to the court of arbitration for Sport (CAS), which reduced the disqualification Platini to 4 years, and appeal Blatter rejected. Subsequently, the Frenchman challenged the decision in the Swiss Federal Supreme court, but his appeal was rejected. In December last year, FIFA has filed lawsuits against Blatter and Platini about compensation of 2 million francs, reminds RIA Novosti.