As Prince Harry’s memoir sells record-breaking sales around the world, his family put on a good face to the bad game. True to the motto: “Never complain, never explain.” Prince William even adheres to it when a journalist addresses him directly about his brother.

What is going on in the minds of King Charles (74) and Prince William (40) when they are confronted with new allegations from Prince Harry (38) every day? This question has certainly not only been asked by Royal fans lately. Because the revelation marathon that Prince Harry is currently doing is unparalleled. Six-part Netflix documentary, numerous TV interviews, own biography: Duchess Meghan’s (41) husband sets a very nice pace in finding the truth.

Anyone who has lost track of all this should not panic. The most important thing can be summed up quickly: Meghan and Harry are usually portrayed as the victims, King Charles, Prince William

The British royals have not been seen for a long time, but now King Charles, son William and his wife Kate (41) have appeared in public for the first time. The 74-year-old attended a charity in Aberdeenshire, while William and Kate attended one in Berkshire. All three skilfully smiled the scandal away. Maybe too skillful. Because their expressions hardly changed. It almost seemed as if they had practiced the smile several times in front of the mirror – so that it wouldn’t slip away from them. Prince William seems to have practiced a lot, because even a brave question from a reporter didn’t faze him.

“Have you read Harry’s book, Your Highness?” A journalist asked the heir to the throne. He skilfully ignored the question and didn’t even look at the journalist. His expression remains unchanged, he continues on his way with quick steps. Away from the journalist. Away from a question that surely touched him deep in his heart. Because royal insider Katie Nicholl said a few days ago in an interview with “PageSix” that William was “devastated” and “foaming with anger” because of his brother’s statements. “He can’t forgive him for the things he wrote.”

The scene between William and the journalist is now going viral on the internet. Thousands of comments have already been made under the video – and the prince was mostly protected. Hundreds of comments can be read in the following direction: “The question should not have been asked. Let them both do their jobs. Luckily they just keep going.” One user is even more specific: “Shut up and leave them alone. Better ask Harry why he keeps giving interviews, keeps playing the poor second-rate. I was the middle of five kids and things happen. I don’t think my memoir and whining would get the reach and money he will make. I feel sorry for him because as a boy he was in an institution – yes! But now shut up, grow up and be damn grateful!” Along the same lines, the following comment goes: “I think most people will see the book as a jealous bitter pill from a deeply disturbed man who needs to grow up and stop to listen to a toxic narcissist. It’s best to ignore it.” So, in the end, is Harry doing the most damage to himself?

“Amazingly, the damage to the image of the British royal family is not as great as expected,” explained royal expert Stefan Blatt recently in a interview. “The reason is that there were already two camps before Harry’s revelations. On the one hand there are the fans who stand behind the company, come what may. On the other hand, there are the critics and skeptics who find the monarchy outdated anyway.” We want to know from Stefan Blatt whether there are also fans of Harry and Meghan. “Also, but the pair are in the process of destroying their own spell. If Harry and Meghan overdo it with commercialization and continue to give private insights into their lives, they are no longer mystical heroes for us. And the mysterious thing is why we find such people so exciting in the first place.”

In his biography “Spare” Prince Harry reports extensively on his time in the Afghan war. A sensitive topic, not only for the royal dropout. A man who makes his living by looking a lot like the “reserve” now lives in fear.

Shortly after the publication of Harry’s memoirs “Spare”, criticism of the correctness of the depictions was raised. Now JR Moehringer, the prince’s ghostwriter, comments on the discrepancies.

Prince Harry and Meghan are leading a lavish lifestyle despite their exit from the British royal family. In the meantime, they have to raise the necessary small change themselves. But how?

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