Tax cuts temporarily make driving a car a little cheaper, but thanks to the 9-euro ticket, you can nowhere travel as cheaply across the country as by train. Are drivers leaving their cars now? A first survey result is clear: Hardly.

More than 70 percent of drivers do not want to use the ticket at all or only want to use it in addition to their own car. This is the result of a representative survey by the Civey survey institute for “Automobilwoche”. “Almost half (49 percent) definitely don’t want to change and use their own car less. Another almost quarter (22 percent) don’t expect to get into the vehicle less often,” reports the trade journal.

2,500 drivers were surveyed a week before the ticket was introduced. After all, a good one in five drivers wants to use the local public transport service to travel less in their own car. In addition, only in the course of the coming weeks will it become clear whether perhaps more people will switch than planned.

Some may have been deterred by the fear of sitting in completely overcrowded trains in the summer heat – especially since the federal government still officially assumes that the corona virus is a relevant risk. The big chaos at the train stations has not materialized so far.

With the 9-euro ticket and the tank discount, the traffic light coalition is reacting to the massively increased mobility costs that have arisen from demand-related high oil and energy prices, increased CO2 taxes and, most recently, from the sanctions in the Ukraine war. The Germans should be relieved somewhat with the measures, especially during the holiday season. However, the fuel discount only has a partial effect: At first, fuel prices fell sharply, but then rose again somewhat. Overall, however, refueling is still significantly cheaper than in April or May, when a liter of petrol cost well over 2 euros.

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