That worked for H.P. Baxxter backfired: On Tuesday evening, Scooter’s frontman was a guest on “Joko and Klaas versus ProSieben”. In the final issue of the current season, the singer challenged the two moderators to a duel – with a shameful end for Baxxter. First of all, Joko Winterscheidt was completely over the moon when the musician entered the studio. “What? Oh, my God!” exclaimed the Scooter fan.

“It could be that you become the toughest opponent ever for the two of them because it’s about your 30-year career. Do you still know all the lyrics?”, moderator Steven Gätjen led over to the game that Baxxter, Winterscheidt and Heufer-Umlauf awaited in the episode. The challenge: the trio had to recognize songs from the EDM band in a new way were presented, for example as an aria.

From the very first song, HP Baxxter got an idea of ​​how difficult the task could be. The track, which a DJ played, he acknowledged with the helpless verdict: “I have no idea.” The situation became even more hopeless when opera singer Sophia presented a scooter track as an aria in Latin.

The singer suspected evil: “Latin? I got a five there. Oh God.” Competitor Klaas did better in the guessing game and answered correctly: “How Much Is The Fish?”

that H.P. The next aria version of a Scooter hit made it clear that Baxxter and classical music would no longer be friends. Klaas teased: “It’s strange that you don’t know. You 100% don’t have a song ready for your tour tomorrow. That was the full text, and you don’t know it!”

Baxxter, however, did not help at all. Only when Joko and Klaas typed “God Save The Rave” correctly did the penny drop. After all, the musician took the defeat with humor. “Above all – that’s just the name of the tour!” he admitted with a laugh.

Although Joko and Klaas won the game against H.P. Baxxter, seen over the entire show, the team lost out to his home broadcaster. As a punishment, Winterscheidt and Heufer-Umlauf are responsible for taking care of ProSieben’s Instagram channel for a few days.

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