shows The independent consumer portal Verivox, collective partner FOCUS Online, in which DSL and cable providers obtain the customer the most attractive promotional offers for the lowest price.

Anyone looking for a cheap Internet tariff with a telephone connection, meets every month to new offers of the DSL and cable providers. But how to recognize the best bargain in which the power is true?

in addition, Verivox shows how Internet users during the corona of a crisis at home for a stable network and smooth Internet connection.

Fast & cheap browsing: Verivox is called the best offers of the month

Less than 20 euros a month for the Internet plan? There are in April for new customers of Vodafone: The Collective Red Internet & Phone 16, the line for a cost of 16-Megabit-per-second only 18,53 Euro in the month; a flat rate for phone Calls is included. The network operator Telekom offers a significantly faster Internet and a landline flat rate for a little more money: 22,86 Euro costs 50 Mbit/s in the Tariff Magenta home M per month. In the expansion area of the regional provider M-net customer numbers 21,36 EUR per month for a double flat rate (Tariff Surf&Fon-Flat 18).

those Who complete as a new customer of a cable Internet contract, comes in as even cheaper and faster: Vodafone, Kabel Deutschland offers for just 13,74 Euro a month for a Surf and phone flat-rate with up to 50 Mbit/s (rate of Red Internet & Phone 50 Cable). In Tariff 2 play PLUS 100 (Vodafone / Unitymedia) is Surfing with a speed of 100 Mbit/s for 20,53 in the month in. Customers in the Federal States of Baden-Württemberg, Hesse and North Rhine-Westphalia can book this offer.


The above-mentioned effective rates were calculated on 24 months and also include discounts, such as fee-free months or reduced device cost. the

home stay connected: use of the Internet takes to

Our life times instead of in the Corona, mainly at home: Home Office, Streaming and Gaming to ensure a stress test of the networks. Accordingly, the network operators currently report to work days to use as only on weekends. Private and work use, are held at the same time: In families, for example, children play games online, while the parents use in the Home Office video conferencing. Who relieve the burden on its network and the Internet would like to stabilize the connection, can reduce with these tips from Verivox the data consumption.

Four tips: data consumption to reduce home

  • resolution reduce when Streaming: to switch from High Definition (HD) on the lower level Standard Definition (SD) saves 90 percent of the data. A HD video stream of an hour in length, consumes about 3 gigabytes per device (in Ultra-HD resolution, even up to 7 GB). The lower SD resolution only requires 0.3 GB per hour.
  • movies and TV shows offline or linear view: in order for the network to Primetime jerky, users can download their favorite movies and shows before – at best, late in the evening, at night or early in the Morning. Then less is going on in the network. Anyone who looks instead to linear television via the cable network, it consumes less bandwidth.
  • game Updates and Downloads match time: Also game Updates or large Downloads are data eaters and should be carried out in the above-mentioned edge of the times.
  • VPN access optimize: Struggle of workers in the Home Office with the range, can be on the VPN access to the corporate network. Here, the company can increase the tax capacity after tax.

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