(Venice) American star Adam Driver on Thursday criticized the attitude of the Netflix and Amazon platforms to the strike movement by screenwriters and actors paralyzing Hollywood, during the presentation of Michael Mann’s Ferrari, in competition at the Venice Film Festival. .

This historic movement aims to obtain better remuneration by taking into account in particular the career of films on the platforms and to regulate the use of artificial intelligence.

Adam Driver and the film crew are among the few productions to have obtained a derogation agreement from the powerful SAG-AFTRA union to be able to promote at the Mostra, despite the strike.

“Why can a small distribution company (like Neon, which distributes the film Ferrari in the United States) can accede to (union) demands but a large company like Netflix or Amazon cannot? “he was surprised during the press conference for the presentation of the film.

The waiver he received “makes it even more apparent that some are willing to support the people they work with, and others are not,” he said, saying he was “happy” and “proud” of to be on the Lido to “support this film”.

“It is for all these reasons that it is not necessary to take the lead to decide to support your union and I am here for that, to show my solidarity and to show that what really matters are the people who you work with,” he added.

Ferrari director Michael Mann also displayed his “total solidarity” with the social movement, the day after the opening of the 80th Mostra. The day before, the president of the jury, the American filmmaker Damien Chazelle, had also expressed his support for the strikers.