The Queen’s 70th Jubilee brings not only a nation together, but also the Windsor family. But during the celebrations, these two royals are avoiding each other: Prince Harry and Prince William.

Queen Elizabeth II’s 70th Jubilee is cause for celebration across Britain. But for two people, the beautiful occasion should be a little nightmare: Prince William and Prince Harry. The two brothers are still grappling with family tensions, which have escalated at least since Harry and his wife Duchess Meghan (nee Meghan Markle) were interviewed by Oprah.

But as the British “Mirror” recently reported, the sons of Prince Charles and Princess Diana have been working for days to settle their feud. Nevertheless, the palace is currently keeping a special eye on ensuring that there is no public conflict between Harry and William. So it’s no wonder that strict protocol keeps the two at a distance for the time being.

William, Harry, Meghan and Duchess Kate (née Kate Middleton) reunited during the thanksgiving service at the famous St. Paul’s Cathedral on Friday (June 3). It was the first official meeting of the four royals since Commonwealth Day in March 2020. However, those who were hoping for warm hugs and deep conversations were disappointed! On the contrary: There was virtually no possibility of eye contact between the two couples.

Prince Charles and Prince William are set to make a special appearance at the Platinum Jubilee Concert in London. This is how they want to honor the Queen…

These days, London is dressing up for Queen Elizabeth II’s 70th jubilee. But not all Britons share the enthusiasm – critics say the royal family is undemocratic and costs too much.

Duchess Kate is said to have revealed how Queen Elizabeth II experienced the first day of her jubilee celebrations. It was “very exhausting” for her, but still “beautiful”.

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