How can the Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone and co. a small contribution that social solidarity is observed in times of great Corona-crisis? “Let us, the network operator logo on the Smartphones out there to change”, thought the wise heads in the house of Vodafone. “We reach millions of people immediately.” Thought and done. Short-hand has been in the past few days from a “Vodafone-De”display on the mobile everyday life with a “#StayHome companions” – in English: Stay home!

Vodafone CEO explains #StayHome indicator

The idea behind it? “The question is not alone what you can do, the politics, the medicine, of this country against Corona,” says Vodafone Germany CEO Hannes Ametsreiter. “The question is, what can you do each and every one of us against Corona. And this is so simply remain as it is striking: just at home.”

want to bring the Manager to the expression: the goal must be currently (still), the chains of Infection to interrupt, to hinder the Virus from spread. Completely stop, you will not be able to the causative agent, of course. But you can’t just keep the number of infections to a manageable Level, not to overload the health systems Germany.

Because of the awful scenarios that can develop when there are too many people in too short a period of time, developing hard-to Covid-19, for example, if you look to Italy or France. Because there are too many seriously Ill, Physicians must make decisions about who ever helped and who was not. In other words: Doctors raise or lower the thumb about who stays alive and who must be sacrificed. What a Drama.

stay home, enjoy the tranquility

The #StayHome on your Vodafone mobile phone to clarify: If you don’t have to be necessarily traveling, just stay at home. The only way you can protect yourself, your family, your friends and other people in General. Only if you don’t have to be in times like these, mandatory on-the-go, but to stay home and your personal interests back to ask, are you acting in solidarity.

Vodafone chief Ametsreiter adds: “Because the phone Display is probably what most people look of the day most often, we have allowed ourselves a little reminder.” Very similar to how to make it, by the way, different TV channels are currently in your current program.

Telekom and Congstar move to

And also in the case of the German Telekom, it draws in the meantime. Customers using a SIM card of Telekom in your Smartphone, see for a few days instead of “” a “stay at home” in the (mostly) upper-left corner of your phone display.

In the Deutsche Telekom subsidiary Congstar has a less clear-cut “Together?Go!” to be decided. So you wanted to demonstrate the cohesion of the society, it means of pages of discount brand.

You see, no custom network operator Logo? Just be patient: It may take a few days before it appears on your phone display. Sometimes a restart of the smartphone can help to make the “new” Logo to become visible.

No similar action in the case of Telefónica Germany and 1&1 Drillisch

And in the case of Telefónica Germany? Of the measured to the unlocked, SIM-cards, the largest German mobile network operator, including brands such as O2 and Blue, would have liked to have started a similar action. “For technical reasons, it was us, but, unfortunately, after a thorough examination in the short term is not possible,” said a company spokesman in an interview with inside digital. To not want to more details, the spokesman for comment.

at 1&1 Drillisch parent company of numerous discount brands such as WinSIM, PremiumSIM, Yourfone and co. – it is not planned a similar action on the Smartphone Display currently, as a spokeswoman said on request of our editorial staff. 1&1 is active but in the neighborhood help and there Call Center capacity is available to bring within the framework of the current output limitations of the help-seekers and help bidder together.

Coronavirus and you – Tell us of your experiences,

And you? What do you do in times of Corona-crisis? Do you work like most of the editors of inside digital in the Home Office? Or do you have to continue to appear daily in the office? Or maybe you have an important job that provides, for example, that people are more (or again) well? You might have even a more different custom network operator Logo, as the above-mentioned detected? Tell us about your times and experiences in Corona. The comment function of this article is available to you at any time. We look forward to your Feedback.

This article was written by Hayo Lücke

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