A participant in the Berlin protest camp “Hungry until you are honest” was taken to hospital after collapsing. However, the man, who has been on hunger strike since the end of April, left the hospital and continues his hunger strike.

Tin, as he is known, has been on hunger strike since April 30. According to the group “Scientist Rebellion,” which is one of the camp organizers, he collapsed on Wednesday morning and was taken to the Bundeswehr Hospital in Berlin. As was further reported, he soon regained consciousness and left the clinic after a few hours. He is determined to continue the hunger strike.

The 35-year-old man initially joined the hunger strike unnoticed by the public, as the group announced on Instagram . Last weekend he came to the camp with the other participants.

As part of “Hungry Until You Are Honest,” five people are now starving in a protest camp. The strikers are demanding a government declaration from Olaf Scholz in which the Chancellor publicly acknowledges the dangers of the climate crisis.

One of the activists, Wolfgang Metzeler-Kick, has been on hunger strike since March 7th. His health is considered critical. According to the campaign, the 49-year-old is suffering from a flu-like infection. Of the now five participants, he has been starving for the longest time.

After 28 days of hunger strike, 61-year-old Michael Winter was in such bad condition that the medical team at the Berlin camp announced that they could no longer provide medical support and had therefore stopped providing medical support.

The Left European candidate Carola Rackete appealed to Chancellor Scholz to address the concerns of the Berlin climate hunger strike. It is important to “end the dangerous situation,” Rackete told the dpa. “The hunger strikers have understood how dramatic the impending climate catastrophe is,” said Rackete, who is running for the Left in the European elections on June 9th. “They will go to extremes to stop them. I am concerned about the health of those involved.”

Ferat Koçak, a member of the Berlin Left, called for a rally in front of the SPD party headquarters on “X”. “Hunger strike for 70 days against the federal government’s inaction on the climate crisis! First person had to go to hospital. That’s why there is a rally today at 6 p.m. (…),” said Koçak. In view of the medical emergency this morning, the campaign is now calling for nationwide protests.