The prices for groceries and everyday products are rising. Pet owners also have to dig deeper into their pockets to look after their four-legged friends. It’s getting tight for many. FOCUS online says what pet owners need to know.

From November 22nd, the new fee schedule for veterinarians (GOT) will come into force. The prices for examinations, treatments or vaccinations are rising rapidly as a result. But neutering and euthanasia are also becoming more expensive.

It is the first comprehensive update of the fee schedule since 1999. “It is not an increase in fees per se, but a change,” reports Anne-Kathrin Witzlack, Chairwoman of the State Association of Practicing Veterinarians in Saxony-Anhalt.

As FOCUS learned online, the general examination for dogs and cats will cost 23.62 euros from November 22nd. The price includes the consultation. So far, dog owners have paid around 13.50 euros and cat owners around nine euros for a simple examination.

A castration of a male dog costs 70.60 euros (instead of 51.31 euros). The castration of a male cat increases from 19.20 euros to 30.32 euros. Depending on the severity, veterinarians then charge between 96.20 and 192.42 euros for the treatment of an abdominal wound.

Euthanasia costs 59 percent more. Specifically, cat and dog owners then pay 30.78 euros instead of 19.24 euros. Pet owners then have to pay between EUR 25.65 and EUR 76.95 for the X-ray. Additional recordings cost extra.

When visiting the veterinarian, those affected have to factor in the costs of medicines, materials, laboratories and sales tax. The total amount also includes night and weekend surcharges.

In order to save costs, it is advisable to carry out check-ups and vaccinations before November 22 if possible. It is also important for pet owners to regularly put money aside to cover the costs of treatment.

There is also the option of taking out animal health insurance. However, the tariffs are linked to one condition: contracts are only concluded for healthy animals and at the same time the contracts are rather expensive.

FOCUS online advises: Complete an OP cost insurance. The policy only covers you in the event of an operation and can drastically reduce costs. Operations at the vet or in the veterinary clinic are particularly expensive.