Spain surpassed China in the number of cases COVID-19

the Number of people infected with coronavirus new type in Spain reached 85195 people, 7340 died. As noted by El Mundo, the number of cases the Kingdom has bypassed China, where it began to spread COVID-19 (the mortality rate was surpassed a few days ago).

Photo: EPA-EFE/TONI ALBIR Spanish hospital was full due to the coronavirus

Among the infected was the Director of the center for coordination of alerts and emergencies, Ministry of health of Spain, Fernando Simon. Since the beginning of the crisis every day he voiced data about the spread of the coronavirus in the country. Now he was forced to isolate themselves. His health deteriorated a few days ago, but the first test gave a negative result. And only re-confirmed my suspicions.

ranked by the number of infected people in Spain is Madrid (24090 cases), followed by Catalonia (16157), the third – the Basque Country (6057). The decision of the authorities of the Autonomous community of Madrid in the region today announced mourning for the victims of coronavirus (3392 person, according to the latest data). Half-mast flags in the afternoon held a minute of silence.