In every crisis is an opportunity: Bernie Ecclestone is convinced that the Coronavirus pandemic may be for the formula 1 is a historically unique opportunity to invent themselves anew. Particularly in the area of cost savings, suddenly things are possible that were held a few weeks ago for the unthinkable, is not new. But Ecclestone would reform, he would have to Say today that, far beyond. to move

Instead of the new rules from 2021 to 2022 and the 2020’s, cars for 2021 to freeze, before hovering him, the current rules retain the same the next three years. Liberty Media, he recommends his successors behind the wheel of Grand Prix Sports, had to change the formula 1 namely, in the between time.

Bernie Ecclestone: “the introduction of our own Team-WM”

Particularly, one of the Ecclestone proposed measures is startling: “The biggest Change I would go through with it, is the introduction of our own Team-the world Cup. We’d still have a driver’s world championship, in which all can participate, and a constructors ‘ championship for the ‘big Four’,” he says in one . LAT Bernie Ecclestone (r) still has good Connections to the formula 1 Paddock – also to Sebastian Vettel

Because of work would be excluded teams like Mercedes or Ferrari with your own design constructions of this Team-the world Cup and instead, as before, to the prestigious constructors ‘ title orientation would fight, there would be all of a sudden for the manufacturer-independent private teams to win something in formula 1.

30 million per season for two Chassis and two engines

Teams that are entitled to the world Team Cup participation, would have to embark on austerity measures, and with a Chassis-engine package from the bar (cost point, according to Ecclestone: well, 30 million euros per year) to compete. The rules would make Ecclestone, however, that “even Teams with such a Budget have a good Chance to get on the Podium”.

“And at the end of the year,” says the former formula 1 Boss, who is hiding from the Coronavirus together with his wife Fabiana on the common coffee plantation in Brazil,””, “the winner is the Team that went with this Budget and at the best cut off, the world Team Cup.” LAT Bernie Ecclestone (r) slides in addition to Lewis Hamilton

the formula 1 because of the slumping economy, in fact, their biggest crisis of the recent past, is Ecclestone out of the question. Earlier, he says, he has borrowed in such situations, simply Frank Williams #AND# co. unbureaucratically money. “Sometimes,” he smiles, “we have to forget then it”, the money back collect.”

Now, however, this “other sums”, so that such a thing is impossible: “It is a different world. At that time everything was still very personal. They called me and asked me, ‘Bernie, can you help me?’ Good old Frank [Williams]. At that time, also nobody then said: ‘You helped Frank. What is with me right now?'”

Ecclestone: side blow against Liberty Media

Ecclestone out normally, there is no opportunity in the media against his successor as rights holder of the formula 1 deal. Currently, however, he praises Liberty Media as a “very successful company”, and the Supreme Liberty Boss John Malone as a “very good business man. He will consider whether he needs the formula 1.” You have to read between the lines to recognize the side blow in it …

The formula 1, of which the 89-Year-old is convinced will need in the near future any amount of money to be able to use the economic crisis to survive. The requires of the owners a high level of investment readiness. AUSTRIA, Bernie Ecclestone, would stresses the formula 1 preferably still help to shape

Ecclestone, but at the same time, that every crisis can be an opportunity: “I would buy, for example, all of the organizers. They are doing a great Job. I would take the [financial] risk. Then I would be responsible to organize the whole race. That would be the First.”

“And then I would try to protect the team. I would try to convince the friend that you need to change your way of working. You spend far too much money – no, you’re wasting it. Let’s just take this damn pompous Motorhomes. Since the Egos are sometimes in the way,” says Ecclestone.

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