Smolov advised

the Russian said that one of the teammates he would like to see in the team from Vigo, quarantine for pandemic coronavirus and called their favourite player.

About Golovin

“Of Russian players I’d invite you to “Salto” Alexander Golovin. He was a great player, and you probably know about it. It stands for “Monaco”, playing the role of the group. Alexander is very good at advancing the ball from defense to attack.”

Photo: Mikhail Tereshchenko/TASS Smolov complained that it wasn’t released in Moskvou the transition to the “Salto”

“I was excited and at the same time was worried when I found out about the interests of “salty”. Understand that the decision must be taken as quickly as possible. Did not think long and simply said “Yes.” Never doubted your choice. Why Celta? To be honest, I thought that will remain with Lokomotiv until the summer and then begin to ponder their future. But it all happened very quickly. Was only “Celta”, and now I’m here.”


“first and foremost I want to thank the doctors and medical staff around the world. These people continue to help, to sacrifice themselves to help humanity defeat the coronavirus. I think gratitude needs to Express everything. I’m not in the simplest situation, but not the only one stuck at home alone. If I’m not mistaken, from the beginning of the isolation it’s been 17 days, so I’m used to. Hardly there will be something new.”

About his favorite football player

“I call Ibrahimovic, because he is a striker. Watching his performances and try to learn something. But of course, it is impossible not to admire Lionel Messi. While he is the best footballer in history.”