“The term Tsunami hits it very well.” Daniel Waser, managing Director of the Swiss book dealers and publishers Association (SBVV) describes the current situation. The SBVV is currently of a decline in sales of up to 90 percent; actual Numbers, the Association has not yet.

“the whole of The Easter sales will fall away, this is bitter,” My says Hanni. With posters in the window of the books platforms, a small Country bookshop in Spiez, attention to the fact that it is still for your clientele. After all: “I feel a great solidarity from all sides.”

the Expansion of Online offers

the bookstore colon in type bookstore of the year 2019 – supplies its customers by Mail and by bike. On request, the bookseller’s Cold inside, Andrea and Barbara Maurer, the door of the goods at an agreed time in front of the Store.

But the heart piece of personal advice is missing: the possibility that customers can browse. “You can’t digitize,” says Andrea Cold. As a small compensation for the Blog is to be extended to your Website with personal book reviews.

the chinderbuech load in Bern has adapted its online presence: parents find new themes, ideas and teaching materials for Homeschooling.

Due to the downturn of work in bookstores, with publishers and suppliers, including in all the Orell Füssli stores is currently Short. Quite different is the Situation in the online sector of the company: of The booksellers is organized and his online trading is not about the individual stores, but via the Central online shop and reports a Plus of 50 per cent.

employees are concerned

The Swiss booksellers and publishers Association, the wires are running hot for weeks. “At the moment, practical and administrative issues are important to our members,” says Daniel Waser. About: How should I fill out the application for short-time working?

The SBVV expanded its channels of information and help developed offers. “The longer the emergency situation continues, the more I reckon with emotional issues”, says Waser. Since the 27. March offers the SBVV, therefore, for its members in collaboration with Carelink, a Hotline for psychological help immediately.

events fall into the water

While the book of acts of hope, on 19. To be able to April, open again, ran for the publishers, the year almost. The important spring book fairs, Reading tours and promotional events have been canceled.

For the Lucerne publishing The healthy people shipping, which specialises in Spoken-Word, are the cancelled events is particularly difficult, “because we are more than other publishers from direct selling-dependent”, says owner of Matthias Burki.

“It would strongly support the publishers by the Federal government, as they are also available for free to artists and organizers,” says Burki. “It’s no longer of use to the authors nothing, if their publishers are able to act.”

Daniel Waser from the SBVV stresses that it will need massive help from the public, in order to save the book industry. “We must not forget that bookstores and publishers are companies, but also a significant contribution to the cultural diversity of Switzerland to afford it.” The margins are so tight that the least of all bookstores, or publishers may provide a debt over payday loans. Without A non-repayable contributions (public funds without repayment obligation) would not be solved by the epidemic caused problems, but only postponed. Currently the Association is working on concrete proposals. Thus, the Tsunami “Corona” not a total of the book industry damage leaves.*

*This is the Text of Maria Künzli, Keystone SDA, was realized by means of the Gottlieb und Hans Vogt – Stiftung. (SDA)


The Coronavirus currently holds the world in suspense. Many countries are taking measures such as Closing schools or limiting public events, to prevent the spread. In Switzerland, too, the grass, the Virus magnetized. All of the current information and Figures around the topic there is in the Coronavirus-Ticker.