Kvyat had a poor performance in qualifying, but a holiday celebrated hit in the points area. Daniel, as at the Grand Prix of Styria in Austria, finished tenth. And that’s after starting from 16th position. And as a bonus, the Russians ahead of his teammate of the Frenchman Pierre went Out (11), which is more stability and is higher in the overall standings.

However, the main overtaking this weekend made the Netherlands the pilot of Red bull Max Verstappen, stopped great speeding since the beginning of the season, “Mercedes”. Briton Lewis Hamilton, the winner of the previous three stages, and his partner Finn Valtteri Bottas, hero racing-open, was in second and third place respectively. But after qualifying, when Bottas won the Hamilton fighting for pole position, it seemed that the infighting in the “Mercedes” will continue. Only now Verstappen did not agree with this state of Affairs.

SkySports quoted a phrase from max talks with the team during the race when he tried to stop. “Guys, this is the only chance to get close to Mercedes. I’m not going to sit back like some kind of Granny” – very figuratively pilot from the Netherlands. When Verstappen was reminded of that episode, he joked: “of Course, I’m not like the old lady behind the wheel. Although, like my grandma drives quite briskly”.

there was another funny moment at the Grand Prix of the 70th anniversary, which caught the operators. Lewis Hamilton, who took, as we remember the second place, after the ceremony left the area awards, taking the trophy to the winner. “Habit is second nature”, signed videos official Instagram of Formula 1, hinting at the number of podiums at the British – 155. Incidentally, he repeated the record of the legendary Michael Schumacher in the Royal races. Fans have suggested that Lewis just messed up the cups. However in a press-service of the Formula-1 explained that the British decided to help to convey the reward Verstappen, distracted on conversation with the engineer.

What was it that made “mad max” first victory in the season? Verstappen said that he had no problems with the tires, and therefore had every opportunity to attack. He did not miss. But Hamilton, who at the Grand Prix of great Britain crossed the finish line on three wheels again complained of tyre and feared another explosion.

Daniil Kvyat was also pleased with how finished the Grand Prix’s 70th anniversary.

I thought that it was mahagony – quoted Kvyat press-service “alpha Tauri”. – Our team did a great job. We were able to squeeze out of the car, so, I think, showed the best result. Unlike the previous phase, we used every opportunity. In General, I always feel more confident on a Sunday, the day of the race. But definitely we need to do something with the su��Botnia qualifications. When you start from a higher position, it becomes much easier to regularly compete for points. Although starting from a 16th-place finish at the 10th with a set of one point can not but rejoice.

From myself I will add: especially if you remember about leaving the route because of an accident at the Grand Prix of great Britain last weekend. In the standings after five stages Lewis Hamilton continues to lead. He has 107 points. Verstappen thanks to the win at the Grand Prix of the 70th anniversary came in second place. It is inferior to Hamilton’s 30 points. The third is another pilot of the Mercedes of Valtteri Bottas (73).

1. Lewis Hamilton, UK (“Mercedes”) – 107 points

2. Max Verstappen, the Netherlands (Red bull) – 77 points

3. Valtteri Bottas, Finland (“Mercedes”) – 73 points

4. Charles Leclere, Monaco (Ferrari) – 45 points

5. Lando Norris, UK (“the McLaren”) – 38 points

6. Alexander Mirel Albon, Thailand (the”Red bull”) – 36 points

7. Lance Stroll, Canada (“racing point”) – 28 points

8. Sergio Perez, Mexico (“racing point”) – 22 points

9. Daniel ricciardo, Australia (“Reno”) – 20 points

10. Esteban Windows, France (“Renault”) – 16 points

12. Pierre went Out, France (“alpha Tauri”) – 12 points

16. Daniil Kvyat, Russia (“alpha Tauri”) – 2 points

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